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    Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 Help

  • Find the district  Microsoft Migration Updates and Support here: https://www.ebnet.org/Page/7730
    To access your email account 
    Open a browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox).  
    Sign in with your usual ebnet credentials.
    To access your account from a mobile device, it is recommended that you use the Outlook OWA or Outlook 365 app from your app/Play store.  You can also navigate to the site above on your device and bookmark it on your home screen.  Stop by the Genius Bar if you need help with this.
    For more information about using Outlook Web App click here.
    To add an automatic signature to your emails:
    From within OWA, click on the ? on the upper right corner.
    In the search box below Help, type "signature".
    Click the top result, which should be "Email signature".    
    If you want your signature to always be included, tick both boxes, or choose which one is right for your use.
    Type and format the signature you would like.  It will automatically appear at the bottom of your emails as you compose them.
    Watch this video to learn how to change the default to Reply instead of Reply All:  Reply All Video
    Here are instructions on creating mailing lists:  ContactGroup 
    Stop by the Genius Bar in the EBHS Media Center if you have any questions.