• reading         Reading Homework
     Each night, your child should read at least one book from their reading bag.  Please help your child to complete their reading logs, as well.  We shop for new books every Monday.
     The books in your child's bag will be on their "independent" reading level. Enjoy the time spent reading with your child!
    Below are tips for what you can do after reading...
     After You Read You Can...
     Retell the story (who is in the story, where the story takes place, order of events, problem, solution, etc.)
     Post-it how the book makes you feel (draw smiley face for happy, sad face for sad, etc.) 
    Post-it your favorite part in the book and talk about why it is your favorite part 
     Act out the story 
     Go on a sight word hunt 
     Make a connection to your own life "This reminds me of..." 
     Re-read the book to gain more fluency
                                                                             Sight Words
      Sight words should also be practiced daily. Sight words will be assessed as students demonstrate the need. As students master the words on their individual rings , more will be added!
    A Fry sight word list will be sent home so you can become familiar with the words we will be introducing this year!!!