Reading homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. Students should read for at least 20 minutes, logging their reading each night. Students should be reading from their bag of books brought home. Their bags will include at least 2 books at their independent reading level and 1 at their instructional level. They may need assistance in reading the books at their instructional level. 
    You can help your child in reading by:
    - Establishing a daily reading time
    - Asking your child about what they are reading
    - Ask questions about the characters, setting, plot, problem, solution
    -Encourage all of their efforts!

    Writing prompts will be assigned on Monday and are due by Thursday. Students will write prompt in their journal prompt notebooks, and will return whole notebook when journal prompt is finished (I always accept early submissions!!) All journal prompts should be at least 1-2 paragraphs (5-10 sentences), unless otherwise noted.
    Math homework will be assigned 2 nights per week.