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    Unit 3- Realistic Fiction (January- February) 


    Essential Questions

    • How can I write gripping fictional stories with meaning and significance?

    This unit is divided into three bends or three sections. The first bend introduces students to generating short story ideas by thinking about a character and of small moment stories for that character. Students use what they know about narrative writing to write as many short stories as possible. In bend two, students revise their stories for greater meaning and tension in a way that stretches out the “heart” of their story. In the final bend, they repeat the process and focus on making their stories even better by using the narrative checklist.  


    Parent Corner: 

    Help your child think of story ideas by thinking about events in their life or problems that they have had. These events can turn into realistic fiction stories with made up characters who have a problem and need to figure out a way to solve the problem. Students will become familiar with a story mountain to plan out their story, putting the big problem at the top of the mountain. Creating ideas is often difficult for students, so having the support at home will be very helpful for your child to achieve success.