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      Every month a Scholastic Book Order Form will be sent home with your child, unless there is a book fair or limited class participation. On the front of the order form will be a due date, and reminder of our class code. Scholastic is a great opportunity to build your child's home library. Each online order earns our class bonus points. The bonus points can help our class get new books to add to our class library! 

    If you choose to order books, please place your order online (no cash or checks will be accepted).

    1. visit www.scholastic.com/bookclubs

    2.  click “register now” and click “parent.” Follow the directions for the registration and for placing an order.  Our class activation code is P938Q.

    *Please note participation in Scholastic ordering is OPTIONAL*

    **Please place your order prior to the due date printed on the order form. The books will be delivered to our classroom and then sent home with your child.**