• Tips To Be Ready For Kindergarten In September
               *Practice recognizing and reading your name                                                           
            *Practice writing your name - 
               capital letter followed by lowercase letters (ex. Sue)                                               
            *Know your first, last, and any nick name (if one is used)
            *Practice naming the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet
            *Practice the letter sounds
            *Learn your address, phone number, and birthday
            *Practice writing letters from top to bottom using a correct pencil grip
            * Practice counting 1-10 and beyond
            *Read and recognize numbers 1-10
            *Hold and cut with scissors
            *Color within given lines
            *Practice zipping, buttoning, shoe tying, blowing noses,
                    washing hands, etc.
            *Know your left and right hands
            *Open and close backpacks
               *Read, read and read some more!!!!