• Games

    This game is a great way to review and practice parts of speech. Many of these
    links are from Funbrain.com which has great games to practice subjects other
    than language arts as well!
    Grammar Gorillas

    This funbrain game helps you assess and practice your spelling skills.
    Spell Check

    Play this funbrain game on both easy and hard to practice homophones.  Ie.,
    It's and its, and elusive and illusive.
    Word Confusion

    This funbrain game helps you review proper verb choice in sentences.
    The Verb Bee

    In the column, "Simple," play at any and all levels to learn about and
    practice finding root words.  Are you a Superbrain?
    Root out the Root Words

    The plural girls will help you practice the plural spelling of easy to
    difficult words.  Choose your own level.
    The Plural Girls