Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.

     What are your expectations of me?

    The most important expectation I have of my students is to respect me, their peers, their environment, and, most importantly, themselves by showing kindess and being responsible.

    Additionally, students should come to class prepared with all materials necessary for my class, including notebooks, writing utensils, independent reading books, and any completed assignments.

    Lastly, I expect all students to try their best in ILA!

    Why is ILA two periods?

    ILA is two periods because it is both reading and writing.

    What if I am absent?

    You will have one make-up day for each day absent to complete all missed assignments. You will have a study buddy in the class- He/She will create a list for you with all attached assignments and leave it in the make-up reminder folder. If for some reason your buddy did not create a 'Make-up Reminder' for you, it is up to YOU to see me for any assignments you missed. IT IS ALSO UP TO YOU TO SHOW ME YOU MADE UP THE ASSIGNMENTS. IF YOU DO NOT IT WILL STAY IN MY GRADE BOOK AS A '0'.

    What happens if I 'forget' to copy down the homework?

    You are still responsible for the homework the next school day. You have the Parent Access site (link above) and you should always have at least 3 classmates' phone numbers- If it requires a handout page, you can either photocopy a blank page, have a classmate e-mail you the blank page, or write down the assignment on loose leaf paper.

    How will I be graded?

    Writing 40%

    Reading 40%

    Word Study 10%

    Homework 10%

     What if I am absent the day something is due?

    If you are absent the day a something is due you should hand it in on your first day back in school. It is your responsibility to give it to me. There are, of course, exceptions if you were extremely ill or have other extenuating circumstances. If that is the case see me and we can work out an arrangement.