• Dear Parents and Guardians,

         I’m so pleased to welcome your child to Ninth Grade English!  No matter what experiences and expectations your child is bringing to the field of English, this class will challenge him or her to develop critical thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.  This year, we’ll be working as a community of readers and writers to expand our definition and understanding of communication.  Our class uses a differentiated approach to instruction, which challenges each student to individually reach his or her potential.  Many of our assessments are authentic and project-oriented, so the students are kept very busy and engaged in their learning. 

                Please take a few minutes to explore my website.  You'll find a variety of useful tools that will help you to stay informed of our work in class.  You might like to start by taking a look at the Ninth Grade English Expectations This plan for the year will answer many of your questions about English class. 
                I'll be posting most of our handouts online as we undertake more assignments, so please keep checking the website for more updates.  All handouts can be found under the unit tabs on the left side of this site.  If your child needs to access his or her project files that have been created here at school, he or she needs to use Google Drive or a flash/USB drive to make those documents available on your home computer.  That way, students can work from home on projects that they started here at school. 
              Another great way to stay informed about your child's progress is to check our online gradebook, called Genesis.  This tool will allow you to check your child's current grade, attendance, and scores on individual assignments.  
               If you have any questions or concerns now or throughout the year, please contact me at eweinstein@ebnet.org or 613-6801, ext. 5282.  I truly look forward to working with your child.  Thank you for your interest in his or her progress!


     Mrs. Edith Weinstein

     English Teacher, CJHS