• Word Study- Words Their Way

    Please see the Parent Access (click above) for quiz dates.


    Children will be learning spelling skills through a developmental spelling approach called Words Their Way. This program was started in elementary school and will continue here at HMS. Each week students will be working on activities to improve their spelling. Children will be learning words by letter patterns to become more proficient spellers, readers, and writers.  These word activities will be completed in a marble notebook. Feel free to go over the word definitions and their patterns with your child as you see needed.  

    On every other Friday your child will usually be assessed on the spelling skills and words.  (Sometimes due to school events and holidays, the quiz may be a different day of the week.)

    Please see the Parent Access site for specific quiz dates.

    Students have a word study marble notebook for activities and a printed list of the words that they keep in their notebook.  

    Please have your child show you their word sort and the pre-assessment that they did in their word study notebook.  Discuss the misspelled errors. 

    Please quiz your children on the words that they had wrong on the pre-assessment as often as needed including the night before the quiz.  The home quizzes should also be done in the notebook. This practice assessment will help students prepare for the class assessment.

    I look forward to helping your child achieve academic success this year.