Fundations is a program that we use in kindergarten to support your child in the following areas:  

    Phonemic awareness

    Phonics/ word study

    High frequency word study

    Reading fluency


    Comprehension strategies 



     * Each week you will receive a family letter that will highlight to focus for the week. 

    * Weekly alphabet letters will be sent home. (You do not need to return the letters, this is something for you to practice and reinforce at home). 

     When your child is learning to form the letters properly they will use specific lines. This picture explains the lines your child will be working with throughout kindergarten. 



    Fundations allows your child to have consistency when learning the letters and their sounds. Below you will find an Alphabet Chart that shows the letters and their sounds:
     Towards the middle of the year your child will begin to learn how to "Tap Words". Below you will find an image that show the proper way to "Tap Words": 

    Image result for wilsons fundatios