• Readers & Writers Workshop:


    Readers/Writers Workshop is a method of teaching reading and writing that uses authentic situations to teach what strong readers and writers do. Readers/Writers Workshop fosters independence as readers and helps students to acquire and use strategies in actual reading situations.  It follows a predictable format that connects to what was previously learned, states what will be taught, provides immediate practice of the new skills, and generalizes the skill to other reading or writing situations. This approach allows teachers to individualize instruction to best meet the needs of their students. 
    *Your child will be reading on a specific level during Readers Workshop. Each day your child will bring home his/her Independent Reading Bag (this is a plastic bag). Please read these books with your child every night and send the books and bag back to school the following day. You will notice the books will change. When your child moves to another reading level, he/she will have different books.  
    During our writing time, your child will work on writing stories from various topics/genres. The topics/genres will range from: Personal Narratives, Writing like a Scientist, Pattern Books, Informational Writing, Persuasive Writing and Poetry. At the conclusion of the school year you will be amazed looking through your child's writing folder!