• Hello!  Thank you for visiting my webpage.  My name is Ivy Schwam and I am proud to say that I have had the pleasure of holding the role of Student Assistance Specialist (SAS) at Bowne-Munro School since 2002!  Students affectionately refer to me as the Feelings Teacher :).  My office is located in the central hallway of our school, across from the Music Room and right next door to Fourth Grade.

    Students may request to come see me by asking their teacher, writing me a note, or asking their parents/guardian to call or email me.  Some of our older kids can also send me an email.  I meet with children individually, in groups, and also do lessons class-wide.  

    In addition to being an SAS, I also co-facilitate Bowne Munro's Drama Club which is open to third, fourth, and fifth graders. 

    I can be reached via email or by phone.