• Bienvenidos
    Dear Parents,

    We are excited to announce that your child in 4th grade will be introduced to the Spanish language in the 2019-2020 school year and your child in the 5th grade will continue to learn Spanish!

    We are happy to be part of the team teaching Spanish in East Brunswick. Our goal is to immerse your son and/or daughter in the Spanish language and culture. Your children will be imitating and repeating what they hear in class. When your child was very young, he/she did the same thing. Your son or daughter listened to you and repeated what you said.

    Please know that we understand what it takes to learn a second or third language and we will be patient. We will show pictures and use manipulatives so your children will be able to understand.

    Our focus is to have the students gain proficiency according to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. This means that the students are expected to memorize short phrases, identify familiar spoken and written words, ask and respond to simple questions and perform practiced presentations.

    If you ever want to know what we are learning in Spanish class, please feel free to visit our district website. It is located at http://www.ebnet.org/Domain/1499. Come visit us and see what we are teaching each week. Even if you do not know Spanish, you can practice with your child at home using the resources on our website.  

    Let’s work together to help our East Brunswick students learn Spanish.




    Amanda Kosa and Karina Lopez
    Elementary Spanish Teachers