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    voicemail:    (732)613-6900  ext. 4128


    Welcome to Mrs. Yoselevich’s AP Statistics Class!


    Student’s Responsibilities:

    Bring to class daily:

    • a notebook for taking notes and organizing numerous handouts
    • a pencil is required for writing on any graded assessment…this includes tests and quizzes
    • graphing calculator is required everyday…extra calculators and batteries will NOT be available
    • your student ID must be worn at all times while in the classroom


    Attendance   If you are absent:

    • it is your responsibility to use ebnet.org , staff webpages, tyoselevich, to obtain information to make up missed assignments/assessments
    • missed assignments, tests, and quizzes must be made-up according to the timeline indicated in your student handbook…any issues must be addressed with Mrs. Yoselevich prior to the due dates
    • you may stay after school in rm G7 (at 2:12 p.m.)  or before school in rm F6 (at 6:45 a.m.) to make up any missed assessments
    • it would be prudent for you to find a “study-buddy” in the classroom who can keep you informed about day-to-day activies in class, collect and give you missed distributed materials…it is wise to exchange e-mail addresses or phone numbers
    • all distributed materials can be found in the folders on the bulletin board in rm F6...this work switches out weekly



    AP Statistics is NOT a spectator sport!!!

    You must practice all AP Statistics homework assignments which will not only reinforce the concepts learned during class but will also help you practice correct written styles of mathematical communication.

    • HW is assigned and checked regularly, including weekends
    • check odd problem answers with those in back of book or by using the online textbook
    • you must show all work to receive any credit…3 pts = completed, 1 pt = incomplete
    • homework is NOT accepted late, unless excused absent from class!!!...missed work from field trips is to be obtained prior to the trip.


    Grade Calculation:

    Quarter Grade                                   Year Grade

    • tests, quizzes – 75%                                                       * marking period grades – 20%
    • HW, classwork, projects, other – 25%                            * midterm, final exams – 10% ea.


    Extra Help:

    • once a week Mu Alpha Theta offers peer tutoring after school…location and time TBA
    • every morning from 7:00 – 7:20 a.m. with Mrs. Y.  in rm F6
    • Tuesday-Thursday after school (and sometimes Mondays & Fridays) … rm G7: Mr. Lell 
    • use class time wisely to ask questions within group work and within whole class instruction


    Classroom Expectations

    • 100% actively participate and determination for "understanding" the concepts throughout the lesson
    • cell phones are to be turned OFF while in the classroom, unless given permission by the teacher