• CBI Computers

    Two main areas of skill development are covered in this semester course: Keyboarding and Word Processing Skills and Application

    Keyboarding: Goals and Objectives

    •  Demonstrate correct body and finger positions
    •  Learn alphabetic keys by touch 
    •  Keep eyes on copy
    •  Use correct reaches for homerow keys
    •  Use correct reaches for upper and lower reach row keys
    •  Key accurately from dictation and printed copy
    •  Demonstrate correct fingering of period, comma and question mark
    •  Demonstrate correct use of space bar, enter key, shift key and tab
            *  Accuracy, not speed will be emphasize
    Word Processing: Goals and Objectives

     To create a basic document

    •  Enter Text in a Document
    •  Save a Document
    •  Open a Document in Different View Modes
    •  Print a Document

    To  format a document

    •  Select text by: word, line, paragraph, and document
    •  Change style features: font, font size, italic, bold, underline, and highlighting
    •  Cut, copy, delete and paste text within a document.

    To spell check a document

    To apply word processing techniques

    • Write email messages
    • Write letter of request
    • Write a friendly letter
    • Write party invitations