• Behavior
    *I am very firm about my behavior rules. If I do not have classroom management, the lesson does not flow in a smooth manner.  There are multiple behavior modifications implemented into my classroom.  
    Superhero Shields:
    *The students will receive Superhero Shields for good behavior or positive things that they have done for themselves or other students. Students will put their shields into our classroom bucket for a chance to win a weekly, monthly, and quarterly prize! These could be given out by any teacher in the school.
    Behavior Chart:
    Green = Great Job! your child will get a sticker at the end of the day for staying on green all day! Once the chart is full (10 stickers), your child will be able to pick from the prize bucket. The sticker chart is placed inside the Homework Folder. the prize store opens on Fridays.
    Yellow = Warning and no sticker
    Orange = Reflection
    Red = Parents/Principal
    ****At the end of the day, if a child changed his or her clothes pin, he or she can move it back to green.  Everyday the children begin on green.  Sometimes we make mistakes. Hopefully we can learn from the mistakes and change our behavior to make better choices.