• Every night we have Math, Reading, and Fundations homework except for Fridays!

    If homework is not completed, or a student forgets to write their name, they will make up their homework during recess time. Homework is a big responsibility for 2nd graders and it is important for them to be practicing skills that were taught that day.

    If there is any work that is not completed during class (by choice, not time constraints), it will also be sent home for homework.

    Math: We have started using our Homelink books for homework. Students have been writing the lesson number in their agenda as a reminder. They will be given a packet at the beginning of each unit. Some nights, the students might get handouts which are used to supplement the lessons we are learning in class that day. Students should also be practicing their math facts daily!
    * If a students loses their packet, they are required to print out the Homelinks on the Everyday Math Online website. Check under Links for more information! Homelink booklets cost $9 to purchase. 

    Reading: Everyday, the students bring home a bag of books. The books in their bags are at their independent reading level. Every night, the students should be reading these books for at least 15 minutes to improve their stamina. They have a reading log that will be filled in with questions on the back of the worksheet that they can answer. If a student reads over the weekend, they will receive a Go You! pass.

    Fundations: Students will be getting Fundations homework to practice word patterns that they were learning in school. Read the Homework Guide for more information and the agenda.

     Social Studies: will be sent home in a different format. Some of you have seen the textbooks sent home with a packet. During Social Studies, we work on centers and during this time students work on a Packet, Vocabulary, and Graphic Organizers with a small group. If they are not complete, or need extra work, they will be sent home for homework rather than the SS packet.
    Video Centers and Fast Finisher activities are not sent home for homework. Videos are not accessible at home and require a teacher login.