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    What we will be studying in September:  


    What we will be studying in September:

    Reading:  We will get to know the classroom library this month!  Students will shop for books on their "just-right" reading level.  This level will be determined this month as the teacher conducts reading assessments while the students are reading independently.  The students may take home books each night to read for their reading log.  In 2nd grade your child should read for a minimum of 20 minutes each night.  We will also work on strategies for figuring out tricky words and practice reading fluently. 

    Writing: I hope everyone had a fun summer and thought of lots of things to write about.  This month we will write Personal Narratives or true stories from our own lives.  The moments we write about should be short, something that happened in 10-20 minutes.  For example, don't write about your WHOLE trip to the beach; just write about the time you and your sister built a giant sandcastle. 

    Math:  We will begin math with a review of counting numbers and skip counting.  We will also study number lines and hundreds charts to find patterns in numbers.  We will play fun math games to help review these important concepts.     Science: Our first unit is on Solids and Liquids.  We will study the properties that make up solid materials first.  We will build structures using only solid materials.  We will learn that not all solids are the same but have different properties.  We will learn to sort objects by their properties. 

    Social Studies: In social studies we will start with map skills and learning about features on a map that give us information like a compass rose. 

    Health: In health this month, we will review lessons learned from 1st grade about solving problems and conflicts.  We will recognize what bullying is and what to do if we see it at school.