• Required Materials 
    Students Are To Bring These To Class EVERYDAY


    1 3 ring binder at least 2 inches thick (clear plastic cover preferred) This binder is for chemistry only and not to be shared with other subjects
    1 package of lined paper
    2 pens in blue and black
    2 #2 pencils
    1 2 subject spiral notebook for lab-COLLEGE RULED!
    1 Texas Instruments TI-30 series scientific calculator (for Chem A only) Calculators must be NON GRAPHING
    6 plastic sleeves
    1 covered textbook (Chem Com only)
    2 highlighters 2 different colors
    1 mini stapler
    1 student ID at all times
    1 thumb drive for (Chem Com Only)
    1 bottle of white out
    3 3 packs of 100 3"x5" index cards
    1 open mind