• What supplies are recommended?

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    It is recommended that students have a binder, loose leaf, pencils and erasers. Numerous handouts will be given and a binder provides students a
    chance to remain organized. Tests will only be graded if they are completed in pencil, so students should have plenty! Please be sure to also have a graphing calculator with you daily!

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  • What is the grading policy for both Algebra 2 and Geometry?

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    Tests and Quizzes:

    • Tests and quizzes will be announced at least two days in advance and will be written on the board.
    • Assessments will be announced in advance as half or full period assessments.
    • Reviews will always be given for tests and quizzes!


    • Homework will be checked and given a grade of 0, 1, or 2. Full credit will be given if a solid, logical effort and work is shown.
    • Homework is not accepted late, except if you are absent or if you speak with me.
    • Students can always see me for help on homework in the morning!

    Class Assignments

    • Class assignments will be randomly checked and graded, so always put your best effort into everything you do.

    Concept Checks:

    • Concept checks will help students prepare and study for major assessments.
    • Concept checks will be graded and are printed on color paper. This will help students study!

    All grades will be put into Genesis in a timely manner. Genesis is the best way to monitor your child's progress. Assessments will be handed back once all students have taken it.

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  • How is homework graded?

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    Homework is graded on completeness, not correctness. If a student's homework is done and they show logical work, it will be graded as complete regardless of the answers. Homework will be checked daily and is worth two points a day. 

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  • Is extra credit given?

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    Extra credit is not given as per board policy. Students will be
    given ample opportunities to improve their grades throughout the
    marking periods through formal and informal assessments.

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  • When can a student come for extra help?

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    Students are strongly encouraged to come for extra help whenever they need. Everyone has questions and during class or after school is a great time to ask them! Follow the "Extra Help" linklocated on the left hand scroll bar for more information and the extra help schedule.

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  • What is the best way to contact Mrs. Centimole?

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    The best way to contact me is through email. I have numerous chances to check my email during the day so I will be able to respond as quickly as possible,whether that is through email or a phone call. The voice-mail system sometimeshas a delay and I can not check it as often. When sending an email, please include the best time and way to reach you.

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