Thanks so much for clicking here to learn a little about me!  One of the first things that you should know is that I have been teaching at Bowne-Munro for over 10 years!  In fact, I did my student teaching here in third grade with Mrs. Payette and never left! I started as a kindergarten teacher and after several years, I moved to first grade. During that year, I had an amazing student teacher named Miss Jessica.  Many of you know her as Mrs. Sardenia!  We are still teaching buddies and friends!
    Now, I am teaching third grade with Ms. Bubnis and I love that too!
    One of my hobbies is doing DIY projects around my house!  I have torn down walls, climbed onto the peak of my roof, installed floors, and tiled backsplashes!  My favorite part of projects is usually Demo Day!!  My family and I always do these projects together. My sons Alec and Connor have awesome skills and are my best helpers! Mr. Grant takes care of us by making a delicious lunch and running back and forth for supplies.  It is a true Team Grant effort!
    This idea of teamwork extends to the classroom as well.  It is my hope that every student in my class feels like a valued member of Team 3A! Together we grow as learners and individuals by sharing our thinking, celebrating each other, and taking risks.  We use persistance, flexible thinking, empathy for others, and optimism to help us along the way.  It is these life skills that empower us to be our best versions of ourself.  I hope that you will be a part of our team too!