• Food for Celebrations  December 2019


    THESE ARE THE ONLY ITEMS APPROVED FOR CLASS PARTIES AT THIS TIME, NO EXCEPTIONS. Items sent in which are not part of the list below  will be sent home with the students.  Please call the Health Office for further clarification on approved items before sending something in to school. Moving forward, collaborative conversations will continue to make revisions and options for additional strategies, including "bring your own food" events to make parties enjoyable for all while maintaining SAFETY.

    Thank you for all you do to make our class parties fun and memorable.


    Drinks:  100% fruit juice and water

    Enjoy Life Foods

    "SCHOOL SAFE" brand peanut and tree nut free cupcakes

    Original Oreos

    Pre-Packaged/Individual fruit and vegetablees (NO TRAYS or BOWLS)

    Lays CLASSIC Potato chips

    ROLD GOLD pretzels


    100% FRUIT ice pops

    Nabisco HONEY Teddy GRahams

    Pizza (optional for end of year party ONLY)