• Food for Celebrations

    East Brunswick Public Schools


    Student Health Services           Danielle Blaloch, Supervisor

    760 Route 18                           Tel. 732-613-6635

    East Brunswick, NJ 08816        Fax. 732-698-0913


    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    The East Brunswick Public Schools promotes wellness and healthy children

    through nutrition education in the health classes and by encouraging healthy

    eating habits on a daily basis. To be consistent it is essential that

    celebrations that include food must also model this endeavor. Additionally,

    the growing number of students with life threatening food allergies has

    heightened our efforts to ensure the health and safety of all our students.


    Therefore, the following is a list of recommended snacks for the four

    elementary school-wide celebrations (Halloween, Winter, Valentine’s and



    • Enjoy Life Foods
    • Rold Gold Pretzels
    • Pre-packaged Fruits and Vegetables
    • Original Oreos
    • Original Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Pringles
    • 100 % Fruit Ice Pops
    • Teddy Grahams (Honey)
    • Lays Potato Chips (Classic)
    • Peanut free mini cupcakes from Shop-Rite (they have a no peanuts symbol on package
    • Pizza (optional for End- of-the-Year party only)
    • Drinks (100% fruit juices, water )
    • Treasure Mills already prepared school safe snacks (www.treasuremills.com)


    Some of the products are available at COSTCO

    • Products labeled as peanut free and labeled as made in a peanut free

    facility may be purchased at nurses discretion

    The foods on this slightly revised list will be the only foods allowed for the

    four school-wide celebrations.  Please bring any food items including the

    above to the office to be checked by the school nurse prior to bringing to the

    classroom, since product ingredients can change, therefore ingredient labels

    need to be checked by the school nurse.

    This letter refers only to shared foods and snacks that are eaten in the

    classroom during celebrations.  Birthdays will be celebrated with “non-food”

    items.  Some suggestions for recognizing birthdays are available under the

    parent tab on your school’s home page.