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     Math Activities

    Suggested activities to practice math concepts for preschool children:

    1. Count by 1 to 20.  Then as the year continues - - -   Count to 30.  Count to 40.  Count to 50.  Count to 60.  Count to 70.  Count to 80.  Count to 90.  Count to 100!  Make sets of small items and have children count them.  Match the number of items to the written number.

    2. Look around your home and identify shapes - circle, square, rectangle,
    oval, and diamond.

    3. Practice counting small objects. Point and count out loud.

    4. Use small objects to make patterns.

    5. Count the numbers on a calendar.
    6. Find items to compare in size - bigger, smaller,  taller, shorter,  wider, thinner
    7. Find numbers on "junk" mail and have your child point to the number when you read it.  Tell you child a number and have your child find that number.
    8. Start counting with a number other than 1.  For example, start with 3 ( 3, 4, 5, . . . )
    9. Read numbers as you walk around the mall together.
    10.  Count how many steps it takes to go from your house to the car,  to the backyard, . . . 
    11. Use the words "plus" and "add".   For example, when you set the table, you might say, "I will add three more nakpins.  
    12.  Use the terms "more" and "fewer" when comparing the number of items in a set.
    13.  Introduce number words and have children make sets.  i.e. one - 1,  two - 2. . .