kids reading

    Reading Activities

    Here are some suggestions for helping your child along the road to reading.

    1. Sing the Alphabet Song. Please be sure to slow down for the letters - L. M. N. O. P.  Have children point to the letters as they sing them.

    2. Point to letters in words and name them. This is especially helpful while waiting in a
    restaurant or in line at the grocery store.

    3. Read a story to your child. Ask your child simple questions about the story. For example,
    "Who was in the story?" "What happened in the story?" "What was your favorite part of the story?

    4. When you write your son or daughter's name, spell the letters out loud so they can hear the names
    of the letters when you write them. Please use a capital letter for the first letters in both the
    first and last names. Please use lower case letters for the remainder of the letters in the names.
    Thank you.

    5. Tell your child a letter of the alphabet and have him/her tell you a word that begins with that
    6. Help your child learn the words for the colors - yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white.  Also, your child can learn to recognize the names of people in their family such as mommy, daddy and names of brothers/sisters..
    7. Help your child to learn environmental print - words that they see everyday like Stop, McDonalds, Shop Rite.  When you see signs like these, tell your child what the words are.  Next time, ask your child to tell you the words. 
    8. Help your child learn everyday words like STOP, McDonalds, Target, etc.  This is environmental print which children enjoy recognizing as you drive around town.

    9. Practice saying words that rhyme.  For example:  Red - bed,  blue - shoe.  car - far
    10.  Read a story to your child.  Ask your child what part of the story he / she liked the best.  Draw a picture to show something about the story.  Write a sentence to tell about the picture.
    11.  Have your child practice writing his/her name.
    12.  Ask Mrs. Parkinson for the complete sight word list for your child to study at home and other activities to do at home.  A few of the words - I,  can,  go,  stop,  like,  to,  we,  play.