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    PTA Board Job Descriptions

    Interested in joining the PTA board? Listed below are outlines of the various board positions. If you don’t feel ready to tackle the job alone, please note that all of the PTA Board positions have at one time or another been shared by 2 people. This is a great option if you would like to help but don’t think you’ll have enough time to do it on your own. It’s also a nice way to get to know someone new or to spend more time with an old friend! Don't be discouraged if you see a name already associated with something you're interested in.  If you are interested or have any questions, don’t hesitate contact us at: memorialschoolpta@gmail.com.

    In addition to the duties listed below, board and committee members are asked to attend monthly Meetings.

    Executive Board

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    • organizes and facilitates the various PTA meetings throughout the year
    • represents Memorial at the district PTA meetings
    • is generally the ‘point’ person for communicating with the Principal and school office manager, and therefore has first-hand information regarding any changes or issues related to the school
    • has direct input on how the PTA spends its funds
    • this is a great position to get to know the office staff, teachers, Principal and the many volunteers for the PTA



    • Assist in all responsibilities
    • Oversee committees that fall under Educational/Staff Related, Student Related
    • In charge of getting the word out for elections
    • Keep By-Laws updated
    • Perform specific duties outlined in the bylaws
    • Assume responsibility for duties designated by the president
    • Represent the president in his or her absence or upon request.


    This role is a support role; the PTA president and Vice President decide which areas they are interested in and divide the tasks up between them.

    Tasks vary from year to year depending on what new programs are introduced and what an individual’s interests are.


    • Recruits and coordinates with committee owners who support fundraising
    • Coordinates with Event Chairpersons
    • Works with the Treasurer to track and validate Fundraising budget line items
    • Provides tax documentation to donors, where applicable, for charitable contributions made to the Memorial PTA
    • Coordinates with board to update the PTA website on all fundraising activities and affiliate promotions



    • Oversees many events the PTA holds throughout the school year that occur after school hours
    • Recruits chairpeople for each of the program committees
    • Provides support to after school hour event chairs and their volunteers throughout the year.



    • Oversees many events the PTA holds throughout the school year that take place during school hours
    • recruits chairs for each of the program committees
    • Provides support for any event being held during school hours to chairs and their volunteers throughout the year.
    • Stays “in the know” about all the happenings at Memorial



    • Performs all financial accounting of the PTA including its membership fees and program profits
    • Receives and deposits money and disburses it according to the approved yearly budget
    • Presents a proposed budget for approval at a General Meeting and closes the books at the end of each year
    • Files tax returns and other government forms
    • The past Treasurer serves in an advisory capacity to the newly elected Treasurer when needed



    • Reminds board of upcoming meetings through email and collects agenda items
    • Prepares and photocopies agenda for meetings
    • Brings sign in sheet to meetings to record members present at meetings
    • Takes notes at meetings of important points and then types those out in a set format and distributes through email to board
    • Looks over bank statements to verify input/output of expenses
    • Keeps a print-out copy of all agendas and minutes in binder


         Three teachers who attend PTA meetings and give feedback from teachers to communicate with the PTA.  


    Chairperson needed to coordinate in class celebration events (Halloween, winter and end of year) by choosing 3-4 parent volunteers per class to organize events, act as Emergency contact and point person to promote PTA events within their class.

    Organizes various programs throughout the year to support the less advantaged outside of the school, such as a food and toy drive during the holidays. Usually a committee of 2 or 3 people.

    Chairperson needed from 1st grade to create a time capsule for all children to reopen and remember these precious years during 5th grade celebration.  Duties include preparing packet of requested information, collaborate with teachers to arrange DVD of children, collecting and sealing complete package until 5th grade.


    Chairperson need to encourages families to sign up for the PTA by raising awareness about the benefits of PTA membership to the school, as well as to students and their families.  Volunteers will have a presence at Back to School Nights and Out of School events to provide parents with PTA membership information.


    At least three parent volunteers are needed to build the future of our PTA. This committee will promote open PTA board positions, interview candidates, present findings to the PTA board. Positions are voted on at general meeting.

    Chairperson needed to arrange grant committee of two parents by grade. Selected parents are picked by lottery for each grade level. Parents must be available to evaluate grant applications from teachers for various enrichment programs. Must have access to e-mail. All work can be done from home.
    Out of School Events:
    Chairperson organizes a Cake Decorating Contest where Memorial students are invited to have some fun with their dad, uncle, grandpa, big brother or other male family member or friend and decorate a pre-made cake at the school! 

    Chairperson and committee plan the Halloween Trunk or Treat which is an event where children trick or treat in the parking lot and then move inside the school for games, crafts, storytelling, music, etc.   Committee plans games, food, craft/activities, ticket sales, glow stick sales, etc.

    Chairperson needed to purchase and setup baked goods/refreshments for events throughout the year. These include Staff Holiday Luncheon, Teacher Appreciation Week breakfast, luncheon, and other activities during Teacher Appreciation Week and Student Council Senior Breakfast

    Chairperson works with ice cream vendor, recruits volunteers to help during the event, plans activities to take place during the ice cream social such as Bingo, coloring, Face Painting, Music, etc.  Works with the PTA Executive Board to plan this Back-to-School Social.  This event is held very close to the first day of school each year, and is a forum for parents to join the PTA, learn about and sign up for committees, and to meet and mingle with other parents. Event is held after school hours.

    Chairperson and committee group helps plan and organize this event where Memorial families are invited to represent their heritage. Volunteers will be needed to represent countries (set up displays with items that represent their country such as maps, artifacts, clothing, games, food,etc)
    MOVING UP CEREMONY  Chairperson needed to arrange a group of 3rd grade parents to plan, decorate and provide refreshments for the 4th grade Moving Up Ceremony held after school hours.
           THEATER WEEK
              Chairperson needed to manage our Better than Broadway Theater Week production. Theater Week is an elaborate full-scale
              musical production produced in five days starring our students.                                                
              The actors rehearse daily for their big routine. The students then present their fully staged musical production one evening to
              the entire community. Help is needed each day to chaperone the children and to assist the director. Practices are scheduled
              immediately after school.


    In School Events:

    Chairperson works with school staff to arrange various assemblies and author visits to add to the student curriculum.  Chariperson will also meet with the PTA President and school Principal to select the assemblies and dates for the assemblies throughout the year


    Chairperson works with the teacher's who run the Student Council to plan activities for the Dance-a-thon, hire a DJ, purchase Ice Pops, and recruit PTA volunteers to help during the event.

    Chairperson coordinates field day events with Physical Ed teacher and PTA board for purchases (field day t-shirts, ice pops/ice cream and orange slices), work with Cultural Arts chair to manage assembly (if applicable), work with parent volunteers to help during event to allow this fun-filled game day to run smoothly. The event is usually held in late May or early June.

    Celebration is held off campus, during school hours in June (most recent locations have been Eagle's Landing Day Camp and Lakeview Day Camp).  Committee Group needed to produce a 4th grade plan of action with fundraising budget plan; parent volunteers are needed to help raise funds to cover the event and help carry out the plans and assist during event.

    Chairperson works with a vendor for our children to shop for their loved ones during our annual holiday boutique. Parent volunteers needed to setup/break down delivery, help children shop, manage classroom schedule and checkout sales.

    Chairperson and volunteers help manage classroom schedule, prepare children for individual photos class group photo.
    Chairperson works with a representative from Scholastic to plan the Book Fairs.  Two book fairs take place during the school year (1 in the Fall and 1 in the Spring). Parent volunteers help setup/break down the book fair displays, help children shop, and manage classroom schedule and checkout sales.

    Join the kids every Thursday at lunch to sell small rewards. Chairperson and volunteers will need to create a committee group to keep rotation of workers, manage money,order and restock items as needed.
    Chairperson and volunteers needed to help our children find the perfect bloom to plant at home. Volunteer will need to setup/break down delivery, help children shop, manage classroom schedule and checkout sales.

    Chairperson and volunteers work with vendor, set deadline for student orders, sort notes to teacher and prepare bouquets as part of Teacher Appreciation Week.


    Coordinates volunteers for December lunch and the May Teacher Appreciation Week. Plans and coordinates the December and May activities with volunteers. Volunteers help plan and recruit parents to sponsor a lunch to express appreciation for the job our teachers do.



    The Back to School Supplies coordinator updates class school supply lists with teachers, coordinates supply kits with school supply company, coordinates orders from families, places order with supply company and distributes supply kits for the first day of school.

    Chairperson creates an annual goal, coordinate monthly raffles to boost family donations of Box Tops cut outs from groceries.   


    Chairperson needed to be in charge of our Spirit wear design for the school year!  Volunteer will need to work with vendor, create flyer, collect sales and distribute. 




            Three PTA parent volunteers needed in early July for a few hours to work with our PTA Treasurer to conduct our annual audit.

Last Modified on August 26, 2022