• Top Dog Poster

    Dear Parents,

                 This year, your student will have the opportunity to be the “Top Dog of the Week”! While your student is the “Top Dog”, they will be able to share a bit about themselves with the class. In addition, they will also have several important jobs in the classroom including calendar helper and teacher’s helper! This is a great chance for the class to learn about each other, while also having each student feel special!


    I am including the “Top Dog” poster, in which I ask you to fill it out with your child and return to school as soon as possible. Please also feel free to also send in any pictures for your child to share with the class as well. Each Friday,  I will choose a new “Top Dog” student for the following week. At this time, they will also share their poster.


    I appreciate your help in making this a special opportunity for your student!




     Ms. Tidwell