• superflex


    Throughout the school year, during health and our “buddy class activities”, we will be introducing social skills lessons. These lessons are designed to provide a fun, motivating way to teach children social and behavioral flexibility and to ultimately develop better self-monitoring for their social behavior. 

    The concept of these lessons is based on a superhero theme. SUPERFLEX, named for his flexible thinking, is a superhero with excellent problem solving skills.  He can think of many different solutions to one problem. SUPERFLEX  is constantly battling the “Team of Unthinkables” such as: Blurt Out Blue who may cause us to make comments when it is not our turn, Mean Jean who may get us to act mean or bossy towards others, or Space Invader who makes a person’s body move into other people’s space, just to name a few.  The students will be able to identify the Unthinkables that affect them personally and learn SUPERFLEX strategies to defeat them.

    Some phrases your children have learned so far that you can use at home are:


    Expected Behavior:  Things kids do or say that other kids think is friendly, helpful and respectful to others.


    Unexpected Behavior: Things kids do or say that other kids think is unfriendly, hurtful, or disrespectful to others.  These behaviors are what the Team of Unthinkables try to get us to do.



    As the year continues to progress, we will review previously taught SUPERFLEX strategies as well as introduce new members of the Team of Unthinkables and learn how to defeat them.  Your child will keep all the sheets they completed in a folder in class so that they can refer back to their strategies throughout the day.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.  Thank you for your continued support.