The program is designed to continually assess your child’s mathematical skills and present questions to reinforce secure skills and provide practice with developing skills. It allows students to practice math concepts at their OWN LEVEL.

    You and your child can access the program in a couple ways:

    1. Access the program online at https://www.freckle.com/ using Google Chrome as your browser, selecting “Student sign in” at the top of the page

    2. Access the program on an iPad with the free app: freckle.com/app

    To log in, use your child's login card which can be found on the inside cover of their agenda.

    Once they have logged in, they may practice any of the domains. It is very important that this practice be done independently, without any help at home. If they are having difficulty with a concept, and the video tutorials on the side do not help, your child may either stop or go on to another domain. The information gathered from Freckle should be a true picture of your child’s math skills.