• AP Music Theory

    Download/practice vocabulary - INSANE vocab powerpoint: AP Vocab
    Theory review lessons , practice & ear training: musictheory.net
    Online interval examples: www.earmaster.com/intervalsongs/
    Online Dictation - melodic & 2 voices! www.teoria.com
    Check out this page for AP Music OLD EXAM QUESTIONS, answers & sample student responses.

    We'll be looking at these together. Challenge yourself with the sight singing:)

    Flight of the Bumblebee - from NPR - listen & start composing something Chromatic in NoteFlight

    Western Music History for dummies  MusicHistory1    MusicHistory2

    old stuff:

    *******Thank Anthony K. for extra help doc here: Meters.pdf

    PS: Simple meter - note subdivisions are even--eighths, sixteenths
    Compound meter - beats are grouped into 3's for a triplet-like feel 123456
    Duple: Top number is EVEN, but NOT divisible by 3 (2,4,8)
    Triple: Top number is divisible by 3

     audio file upload test: listen here!