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    IXL.com Topics for each Unit

    Unit 1 Part 1

    HH.1  Calculate mean, median, mode and range 
    HH.2 Interpret charts to find mean, median, mode and range
    HH.3 Mean, median, mode, and range: Find the missing number
    GG.11 Interpret histograms
    GG.12 Create histograms 
    GG.3 Interpret line plots
    GG.4 Create line plots 
    GG.5 Create and interpret line plots with fractions
    Unit 1 Part 2 
    M.1 Understanding integers
    M.2 Integers on number lines
    M.4  Graph integers on horizontal and vertical number lines
    M.5 Compare integers 
    M.6 Put integers in order
    I.7 Compare fractions with like and unlike denominators
    I.8 Compare fractions: Word problems
    I.11 Put a mix of decimals, fractions and mixed numbers in order
    P.1 Compare rational numbers
    P.2 Put rational numbers in order
    X.1 Objects on a coordinate plane
    X.2 Graph points on a coordinate plane
    X.3 Quadrants
    X.4 Coordinate planes as maps
    Unit 2 
    K.1 Fractions of whole numbers I
    K.2 Fractions of whole numbers II
    K.3 Fractions of a number: word problems
    K.5 Multiply two fractions using models
    K.6 Multiply two fractions
    K.7 Multiply fractions: word problems
    K.8 Multiply three of more fractions and whole numbers
    K.10 Multiply mixed numbers and whole numbers 
    L.1 Divide whole numbers by unit fractions using models
    L.2 Reciprocals
    L.3 Divide whole numbers and unit fractions
    L.5 Divide fractions 
    L.7 Divide fractions and mixed numbers
    L.8 Divide fractions and mixed numbers: word problems
    R.1 Write a ratio to describe objects in a picture
    R.2 Write a ratio: Word problems
    R.3 Identify equivalent ratios 
    R.5 Ratio tables
    R.7 Unit rates and equivalent rates
    R.10 Do the ratios form a proportion?
    BB.7 Identify the graph of an equation
    Unit 3



    Unit 4
    D.1 - Write multiplication expressions using exponents
    D.2 - Evaluate exponents
    O.3 - Evaluate numerical expressions involving whole numbers
    Y.1 - Write variable expressions
    Y.2 - Write variable expressions: word problems
    Y.3 - Evaluate variable expressions with whole numbers
    Y.4 - Evaluate multi-variable expressions
    Y.10 - Multiply using the Distributive Property
    AA.1 Solutions to Inequalities
    AA.2 Graph Inequalities on number lines
    AA.3 Write Inequalities from number lines
    M.3 Absolute value and opposite integers
    X.5 Distance between two points


    Unit 5
    FF.1 Perimeter
    FF.2 Area of rectangles and squares
    FF.3 Area of triangles
    FF.4 Area of parallelograms and trapezoids
    FF.7 Area between two rectangles
    FF.8 Area between two triangles
    FF.9 Rectangles: relationship between perimeter and area
    FF.10 Compare area and perimeter of two figures
    EE.3 Nets of 3-dimensional figures
    FF.14 Volume of cubes and rectangular prisms
    FF.15 Surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms 


    Unit 6

    Y.10 Multiply using the Distributive property

    Y.14 Add and subtract like terms

    Y.15 Identify equivalent expressions

    Z.1 Does x satisfy an equation?

    Z.6 Solve one-step equations with whole numbers

    Z.7 Solve one-step equations with decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers

    Z.8 Solve one-step equations: word problems

    Z.10 Solve equations involving like terms


    Unit 7