• On February 15, 2018, EBEF President Jack Levitt presented to the EBPS Board of Education a summary of some recently awarded grants.

  • We the People Grant 

    This grant matches amounts raised by other donors and funds participation of East Brunswick High School students in the national We the People: The Citizens and the Constitution Competition. This is the twenty-ninth time out of a possible thirty that our students have represented the State of New Jersey in the national competition.

    First Lady of the Foundation Grants

    These grants recognize Amy Fisher, a cofounder and past honoree of the Foundation. Amy has been instrumental in the Foundation's successful growth

    Warnsdorfer Elementary School-Flipped and Flexible Fourth Grade
    Susan Mizerak 
    Technology, flexible seating, and other supplies will be purchased to help foster a future-ready, dynamic, motivating, exciting, student-centered, inquiry-based, 21st Century classroom for 4th grade students at Warnsdorfer!  Following the Open Work Space model being used by many companies today, students will be given the ability to work where they feel most productive through flexible seating. Math mini lesson videos will be given to students for homework.  Utilizing Classroom Moodle, students will complete work on Chrome Books in class.  The Flipped and Flexible Classroom model gives students responsibility, choice, and ownership of their learning.  This will foster a more student-centered, and inquiry-based approach to learning. ***

    Elementary Media – Domo Arigato Mr. Lego Roboto
    Andrew Scanlon
    Funds from this grant will be used to purchase Lego Mindstorms Robots.  Mindstorms Robots combine coding, robotics and STEM.  The robots will give students the power to create, program and command their own robotic creatures, vehicles, machines and inventions!  STEM and coding units already exist in the Elementary Media Curriculum.  This grant will enable media specialists to implement a Robotics unit for 4th and 5th graders in all eight elementary schools. 

    ELL Department – ELLs “Count” On Us
    Nancy Lombardi, Jenelle Temes and Patricia Colaizzi 
    With this grant, ELL students and their families will be provided with a “Math Dictionary”.  It will offer simplified definitions, visuals and examples of unknown math terms and demystify the often confusing world of Mathematical Academic Language.  This year, Lawrence Brook ELL teachers and Math specialists have joined forces to create an informative, engaging, and inspiring night for all of the East Brunswick ELL students and their families from K-12.  They will learn about the math curriculum, explore math resources, utilize math vocabulary, and play math games.  Students will receive the Math Dictionaries prior to the event in order for teachers to introduce this resource.  The Family Night would then be utilized to have students and their families explore and apply ways they will use this book, both in school and at home. 

    Frost Elementary School – Art in the Right 
    Angeliki Karakoglou 
    “Art in the Right” is an art initiative that raises awareness of The Human Rights Articles in our schools through art making.  The thirty articles depicted in the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights will be explored through a series of unique sculptures by students around the state of New Jersey in grades 2-12, resulting in an exhibition at Grounds for Sculpture in April 2018.  Art lessons will be built around the children’s book We Are All Born Free:  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures.  This grant will help provide necessary supplies for students to create their depictions of Human Rights through sculpture.  

    Chittick Elementary School – Up We Grow:  Move to Succeed
    Danielle Grzybek, Aimee Lesser, Jennifer Tyber-Goldberg, Nicole Rocha and Cheri Upshur 
    Every year, each class comes with their own unique learning styles.  To help meet the needs of students, a flexible learning environment that best facilitates student engagement will be implemented.  This grant will provide materials needed to help build a classroom that offers a flexible learning environment.  Students will be able to choose between items such as scoop rockers, Hokki stools, lap boards or pedal exercisers to just name a few.  

    Warnsdorfer Elementary School – Growth Mindset: A Path to Unlimited Potential
    Lisa Ruggiero
    The goal of this grant is for students to develop and foster the belief that they have unlimited potential.  Through participation in a series of growth mindset lessons and activities, students will be able to understand that the brain is malleable and has an unlimited capacity for learning.  It is important that students develop a mindset that will allow them to reach their greatest potential, feel safe taking educational risks while learning, and develop the critical thinking skills that are necessary to be successful in life. 

    Frost and Memorial Elementary Schools – What We Need to Succeed
    Allison Daly, Virginia Littlefield, Kathleen Parkinson, Lindsay Grossman, Lori Polhamus and Jackie Stanton
    The goal of this grant is to lessen barriers that children with special sensory needs face in the classroom each and every day. The ability for students to sit and be available for learning while attending to tasks for a period of time upon entering kindergarten is a goal that preschool teachers aims for.  Sensory items such as Anemone Desk Fidget, Happy Pillow Seat Cushion and Hug Seat, and Fidget Backpacks will be purchased for the self-contained preschool classrooms.  By providing items preschoolers need to help their bodies, this allows for an increase of opportunity to integrate and have available learners. 

    Churchill Junior High School – Fast Gels: Investigations to “Dye” For!
    Beth Shobe
    This grant aims to integrate biotechnology laboratory investigations via gel electrophoresis into all 9th grade Biology so students may experience high-tech laboratory investigations for years to come.  With the purchased items, all of the Biology teachers will be able to implement the program into the course during the genetics and or ecology unit.  This project will allow students to gain experience with specific technologies and laboratory practices used in biological laboratory careers in many scientific disciplines and practice deductive reasoning skills in solving scientific questions.  

    Hammarskjold Middle School – Traveling Using Technology: Virtual Field Trips in the Science Classroom Using Google Expeditions
    Laura Comroe 
    This grant will bring Google Expeditions to the Resource Science classroom at Hammarskjold.  This reality platform will further engage students with special needs by taking them on virtual “field trips”.  They will be able to go anywhere that is relevant to topics that are being taught.    Google Expeditions will bring the classroom into the 21st century and engage the students in a new and exciting way.    

    First Lady of the Foundation/Northfield Bank Foundation Grant

    Hammarskjold Middle School – Turning the Tables in Math 
    Kelly Perno
    This grant will help to create a student centered learning environment within each Math classroom at Hammarskjold.  The white board tables will allow students to work cooperatively to problem solve and build their math skills without excess clutter.  Mistakes made during guided practice can be easily brushed away, creating a safe environment to take risks and try new strategies at learning.  The tables will also allow for targeted instruction with a teacher in small groups.  The teacher will be able to easily assess students understanding.  Students can practice with their peers and learn in a fun way.    

    Dr. David Lloyd Kabus Foundation Memorial Grant

    East Brunswick High School - EBHS Precision Pipetting
    Trudy Adkins, Anne Sanelli, Marilyn Ryan, Louise Jasko, Nadine Murray, Andrew Hilarczyk and Jamie Kinard. The Precision Pipetting grant would support all Honors Biology, Advanced Placement Biology Wakesman student scholars
     students as they learn the techniques of DNA gel electrophoresis.  Micropipettes are used to transfer very small quantities of liquid from one venue to another.  Students must learn the manual manipulative skills to complete these tasks over many, many iterations and practice.  The use of micropipette equipment is ongoing in Biology at CJHS and EBHS.  As soon as the equipment is received, the pipettes would be placed in rotation in all classes that use them.

    Kupchynsky Memorial Music Grant

    East Brunswick Orchestra Department – Bach to Rock – Electric Violins for the Twenty-First Century 
    Anna Braun, Arvin Gopal, Susan Meuse, Mary O’Mara, Sarah Donatelli, Christopher Beckett, Christopher Finnegan 
    With this grant the Orchestra Department will obtain four electric violins, one electric cello pickup, and accompanying amplifiers to create a traveling string ensemble capable of playing to large audiences in the school and throughout the East Brunswick community.  The modern look of electric violins and the tonal effects they produce take them from the concert hall to the rock concert stage!   

     Venu Madhav Bandaru Memorial Grant

    Churchill Junior High School – John Marshall Weather Assembly and Mobile Weather Lab
    Stephanie Holtzman
    John Marshall’s program will serve as an exciting introduction to the meteorology unit and also help clarify the students’ prior misconceptions about weather.  With his experience in forecasting and broadcasting live weather reports for WCBS TV, WPIX TV, and WNBC TV, he brings a great deal of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to our curious and aspiring junior high school scientist!   

     East Brunswick High School Class of 1989 Memorial Grant

    East Brunswick High School – Building the 21st Century Classroom: Phase III
    Herb Peluzzo 
    With this grant, a 75” Flat Screen TV (with mounting and installation supplies) will be purchased, along with Google Chromecast Ultra and Google Home “Smart Assist” to continue fully engaging our social studies classes in more 21st century, student-centered learning activities, assessments, and differentiated instruction.  Students will be able to engage in group and online discussions, read online articles or history documents (PDF files or web links), and even create their own videos.  Any student work can be displayed on the new main screen in the front of the classroom, or one of the other screens in the room using Google Chromecast instantly through Wi-Fi.  Also, instead of simply recalling the Bill of Rights, World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, and many other important aspects of our curriculum, students can use technology tools to examine numerous topics throughout history, and work together to examine solutions during class and on our Google Classroom and Classroom Moodle Website. 


    Blue Ribbon Grants


    Warnsdorfer Elementary School – Lights, Camera, Action
    Renee Soccodato
    The goal of this grant is to develop an authentic performance space, in which students can demonstrate a variety of art-related skills.  Students will focus on composing and developing characters as part of musical theater lessons, and perform choreography, specifically exploring the elements of music in dance.  They will perform in front of an audience. As a result, students will brainstorm how to best present their artwork, composition, choreography, etc. within defined parameters. Chittick Elementary School - Robots Rule!  Coding in School! 

    East Brunswick High School – East Brunswick Virtual Choir (Last Year)
    Zachary Gates and Gregory Jung 
    The Virtual Choir has become a global phenomenon thanks to the talented composer, Eric Whitacre.  The Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir began with 185 singers and has grown to over 8,400 worldwide.  With this grant, the Virtual Choir experience will be brought to the East Brunswick Community.  By choosing selections of music and having students record them separately, it will allow the students to be part of a group without ever having met before.  The virtual choir would be able to encompass students and community members from every grade level and age. 



    Partnership Grants 

    Irwin Elementary School – Irwin’s Reptiles
    JeanMarie Rinaldi, Jessica Buemi and Angela Cintron
    In partnership with the PTA, this grant will help bring Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery to Irwin. To help students better understand animal life science beyond the classroom, the animals will be brought to them!  After the presentation, students can go back to the classroom and continue the lesson by comparing and contrasting the animals that they studied in the class to the ones in the reptile show. For example, they can compare the Fiddler Crab to the Tarantula or the Millipede to the snake.  The students will develop an even deeper understanding when they are able to see and touch the animal they are learning about.


    Chittick Elementary School – Sensory Needs for Autism Students
    Julie Brain
    In partnership with DonorsChoose.org, this grant will bring items into a self-contained classroom made up of students on the Autism Spectrum, where sitting still is a skill worked on each and every day.  At times, students’ Sensory Processing gets in the way of their ability to stay seated for an extended period of time.  Items such as weighted lap pads and sensory lamps will help calm their bodies and minds to allow learning to take place in the classroom.  


    Warnsdorfer Elementary School – Pigs in the South Pole? Warnsdorfer’s South Pole Expedition
    Danielle Grzybek and Michele Reisbord
    In partnership with the PTA, the One School, One Book will be brought to Warnsdorfer.  The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz will be purchased for the entire student body to read and be able to take home and share with their families.  A set of books about Antartica will also  be bought and shared between the grades to enhance the Social Studies and Science curriculum.  At the end of the five week period the New Jersey Dog Sled Club will give an assembly and book author Chris Krutz himself will Skype with the students! In addition, a Family Night will be held with fun activities relating to Adventures of a South Pole Pig and all that was learned about Antartica!


    Irwin Elementary School – Irwin Students Have the POWER to be Superheros!
    Jennifer Graf and Christine Connolly 
    Developing a community of learners who are excited about school and look forward to entering into it each day is the most important goal of the staff at Irwin.  In partnership with the PTA, this grant will help purchase material such as banners, badges and shields to help promote the school slogan: Irwin Students Have the POWER to be Superheros!  These signs will help keep students highly engaged in the program and help serve as visual reinforcement of expectations while using common language that is consistent throughout the building.


    East Brunswick High School – Dinosaurs Rock
    Louise Jaske, Leslie Anderson
    One of the pillars of the East Brunswick High School Science Honors Society is community service and outreach.  In partnership with the EBEFSA, this grant will help the Science Honors Society to bring Dinosaur Rocks to the 5th grade students at both Memorial and Lawrence Brook Elementary Schools.This professional program brings experienced presenters who explain and demonstrate an impressive assortment of beautiful dinosaur fossil specimens and models.  The program concludes with high school students and elementary school students working side by side in a simulated fossil dig!

     Excellence Grants  

    Churchill Junior High School – “Palette Literary Magazine & Creative Club” 
    Lauren LeClair
    Funds from this grant will go towards producing a final product – a professional quality published literary magazine. The magazine will be designed, written, edited and produced completely by the students of Churchill.  With the amount of work the students of the Palette put in, they deserve a publication of which they can be proud of.  Teenagers in the 21st century are not only consumers but producers as well.  This extracurricular activity will reinforce and show the value of their talent and hard work.     

    Pallete 2017  

    Hammarskjold Middle School – Tell Me a Story: Exploring History through Storytelling 
    Melissa Dugan
    “Tell Me a Story: Exploring History through Storytelling” is a project to enrich the Social Studies research experience.  Learning history as a story brings the past to life.  Students will explore a person from history and present their findings as a story.  The goal is to make research more authentic, creative, and accessible for all students.      

    Churchill Junior High School – The Technofied Band 
    Michelle Lindner
    With the different types of technology available today in the area of music education, music can come to life for students!  With this grant, a new 12.9 inch iPad Pro will be used in a multitude of different ways that will enhance the current curriculum of the Churchill Concert Band classrooms.

    Churchill Junior High School – Continuing to Enhance Astronomy for 8th Graders via the Micro Dome 
    Stephanie Holtzman and Patricia Donahue 
    Through his digital Micro Dome, Aram Friedman is able to show students the relative sizes, distances, and ages of celestial bodies utilizing this piece of equipment that he built and programmed himself.  With his software, Mr. Friedman has the ability to show students celestial objects and their motion, and still have them back in time for their next class.  He is able to take our students to places even astronauts have never gone to!

    Memorial Elementary School – Come Check This Out! Students Share Thinking through Whiteboarding 
    Christine Sce, Sirda Islam, Michelle Lanouette, Jeffrey Bressler and Third Grade TAG students, Season Wei, Anagha Sanjay and Divya Avadhani 
    Whiteboard tables will be purchased for each fifth grade math and science classroom at Memorial. When using these tables, students can critique the reasoning of others because they can communicate their writing on tables.  All of their ideas are spread out and easy for other students and the teacher to see.  

    Central Elementary School - Moving, Grooving, and Learning
    Shannon Keely, Kelley Desmond, Christine Smith, Shannon Brower and Ariella Gizzi
    The goal of this grant is to start a project that will build self-awareness of mental and physical health among the first grade students.  To encourage the students to become more autonomous, each classroom will hang a chart where students can indicate their desire to move around.  As students work throughout the day, there are times their focus may drift.  If they put themselves into the “wiggle zone” on the chart, they tell the teachers that they need to be more physically engaged.  A few stools will be put in all five first grade classrooms, so the students can use them as needed



    Mini Grant Summaries April 2017-December 2017

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