• We the People Grant 

    This grant matches amounts raised by other donors and funds participation of East Brunswick High School students in the national We the People: The Citizens and the Constitution Competition. This is the twenty-ninth time out of a possible thirty that our students have represented the State of New Jersey in the national competition.
    First Lady of the Foundation Grants
    These grants recognize Amy Fisher, a cofounder and past honoree of the Foundation. Amy has been instrumental in the Foundation's successful growth. 

    Central Elementary School – Moving Up to the Front Row
    Katie Motusesky and Kristy Cognata
    Front Row is a program that will be used by the fourth and fifth graders along with basic skills students to help increase mathematical confidence and promote growth.  Students begin the program by taking a pretest which allows Front Row to identify individualized students learning gaps, adapt to each child’s needs, and provide the practice and support necessary to fill those gaps.  In addition to being adaptive to each students’ needs, Front Row is fun to use and many students look forward to logging in each day.  

    Memorial Elementary School – Alvin Ailey Day at Memorial School 
    Sharon Harrington and Jeffrey Bressler along with Third Grade TAG students Kevin Pan, Tejus Kulkarni, Roshini Ramesh and Anonymous students
    Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is one of the world’s premier arts organizations, having performed for millions of people over the years.  With this grant, the Company will come to Memorial to inspire students to appreciate dance and music, be fit and healthy, and perhaps, to take a dance lesson!  The Company will provide three dance classes for each fourth grade homeroom and perform an assembly for grades 1 to 5.  

    Lawrence Brook and Irwin Elementary Schools – Wondering Together:  R.J. Palicio’s Wonder as Shared Reading
    Christina Lee, Aimee Hagan, Katelyn Yard, Cassandra Namio, Denise Sountis, Jaclyn Reilly and Jeffrey Bressler along with Third Grade TAG students Anna Sawicki, Abigail Lydon, Layla Sheikh, and Ava Gallucci
    In recent years, Lawrence Brook and Irwin have been reading Wonder as a read aloud.  Wonder by R.J. Palacio is an exquisitely written book about a fifth grade boy at a New York City prep school named August Pullman.  August is like any other kid, except for the facial deformity that he was born with.  For this reason, he had been home schooled up until now.  Wonder tells August’s story, and by the end of the book he convinces his new classmates that he is just like them.  This grant will supply each fifth grade student with a copy of the book to follow along with while the teacher is reading.  Having their own copy will enable the students to find details and evidence to support their thoughts and ideas which will build upon group discussions and writing assignments.  Students at both schools will be encouraged to share their reactions, personal connections, and other thoughts in relation to the book with one another.   

    Central Elementary School – Science Central:  Hands-On Activities in Programming, Astronomy, and Electricity
    Carol Smith, Sherri Cagnina, Katie Fabiano and Jeffrey Bressler along with Third Grade TAG students Heidi Hu, Aviti Jain, Melissa Keenan, Candace Liu, Mia Malta, Martin Zhang and Anonymous students
    With this grant, three new science projects will be introduced to the students at Central.  Dot and Dash coding robots will let students have fun with coding as they learn more about computer science and engineering.  They also will learn about digital citizenship.  The program will build on problem solving skills as they work to move their robots through computer code.  Paper Circuits will allow students to explore how electrical circuits work.  They will become engineers as they work to make cards and pictures light up using circuits they have created!  Lastly, is Worlds in Comparison.  In this activity, students will be making different planets using modeling dough.  When complete, students will have three dimensional models that will help show what the planets look like and how they orbit the sun.   

    Memorial Elementary School – Memorial Collaborates Smart

    Christine Sce, Christina Lee, Donna Forte, Sidra Islam, Michelle Lanouette, Jacqueline Schrader, Gina Ortolano, Taylor Venice, Kristy Bates, Samantha Bermna, Erika Vargo-Dill, Nicole Blazejewski, Laura Calderone, Anthony Ciraco and Lauren Kusmick
    Memorial Collaborates Smart is a school wide initiative to re-imagine and refine collaborative teaching in the inclusion classroom.  Fourteen tabletop easels will give the special education/general education team teachers the ability to create flexible groupings for students instantaneously.  The easels will help with small group instruction by two educators in the same room.   

    Chittick Elementary School – Awesome Autism Adaptive Seating 
    Julie Brain 
    A two-person pedal desk will be placed in a self-contained Autism classroom at Chittick that will be used by students ranging from 3rd to 5th grade.  This adaptive seating will allow higher energy students to continue moving while engaging in higher levels of academics as it will meet there sensory needs.  As focus and the duration of attention of each student expands, it will make for a smoother transition into the general education setting.  

    Irwin Elementary School – Pop-UP Learning
    Christine Connolly, Jean Marie Rinaldi, Casey Buckley, Vanessa Silvia, Kathryn Lehocky, Haley Encarnacion
    Pop-UP classrooms will be created to provide opportunities for a wide range of teaching and learning styles by creating portable learning areas in spaces available for individual and small group instruction.  These carts will be equipped with basic classroom amenities such as small stools and carpet squares, magnetic whiteboards, pencils, crayons, noise cancelling headphones and a Chromebook! Grade appropriate ILA, Mathematics and other materials will be on each Pop-UP classroom based in its location.  Carts will utilize whatever break-out spaces are available.  Whether in a hallway, an open classroom or an office, Pop-UP classrooms will help keep students focused and make learning fun.   

    Churchill Junior High School – Creating Digital Music with Our Special Needs Learners
    Eric Sturr
    A special needs digital music class will be outfitted with the most up to date technology to give students the gift of music!  With this grant, iPads, headphones and a secure charging/storage cart will be utilized by students to use various apps such as Bloom and Mad Pad during class.  Students will be able to create basic music without the complexities of learning an instrument.  

    Churchill Junior High School – Work It
    Tiffany Blore
    This grant will supply material to help students with various disabilities learn basic skills related to different occupations and activites.  Giving them more options of materials to explore allows for more independence, confidence and success.  While gaining vocational awareness and basic skills needed for everyday situations, students will utilize materials in various ways.  

    Memorial Elementary School – Come Check This Out! Students Share Thinking through Whiteboarding
    Christine Sce, Sirda Islam, Michelle Lanouette, Jeffrey Bressler and Third Grade TAG students, Season Wei, Anagha Sanjay and Divya Avadhani
    Whiteboard tables will be purchased for each fifth grade math and science classroom at Memorial. When using these tables, students can critique the reasoning of others because they can communicate their writing on tables.  All of their ideas are spread out and easy for other students and the teacher to see.   

    First Lady of the Foundation/Northfield Bank Foundation Grant

    Hammarskjold Middle School – Turning the Tables in Math 
    Kelly Perno
    This grant will help to create a student centered learning environment within each Math classroom at Hammarskjold.  The white board tables will allow students to work cooperatively to problem solve and build their math skills without excess clutter.  Mistakes made during guided practice can be easily brushed away, creating a safe environment to take risks and try new strategies at learning.  The tables will also allow for targeted instruction with a teacher in small groups.  The teacher will be able to easily assess students understanding.  Students can practice with their peers and learn in a fun way.    

    Dr. David Lloyd Kabus Foundation Memorial Grant

    East Brunswick High School - EBHS Precision Pipetting
    Trudy Adkins, Anne Sanelli, Marilyn Ryan, Louise Jasko, Nadine Murray, Andrew Hilarczyk and Jamie Kinard. 
    The Precision Pipetting grant would support all Honors Biology, Advanced Placement Biology Wakesman student scholars
     students as they learn the techniques of DNA gel electrophoresis.  Micropipettes are used to transfer very small quantities of liquid from one venue to another.  Students must learn the manual manipulative skills to complete these tasks over many, many iterations and practice.  The use of micropipette equipment is ongoing in Biology at CJHS and EBHS.  As soon as the equipment is received, the pipettes would be placed in rotation in all classes that use them.


    Kupchynsky Memorial Music Grant

    East Brunswick Orchestra Department – Bach to Rock – Electric Violins for the Twenty-First Century 
    Anna Braun, Arvin Gopal, Susan Meuse, Mary O’Mara, Sarah Donatelli, Christopher Beckett, Christopher Finnegan 
    With this grant the Orchestra Department will obtain four electric violins, one electric cello pickup, and accompanying amplifiers to create a traveling string ensemble capable of playing to large audiences in the school and throughout the East Brunswick community.  The modern look of electric violins and the tonal effects they produce take them from the concert hall to the rock concert stage!   

     Venu Madhav Bandaru Memorial Grant

    Churchill Junior High School – John Marshall Weather Assembly and Mobile Weather Lab
    Stephanie Holtzman
    John Marshall’s program will serve as an exciting introduction to the meteorology unit and also help clarify the students’ prior misconceptions about weather.  With his experience in forecasting and broadcasting live weather reports for WCBS TV, WPIX TV, and WNBC TV, he brings a great deal of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to our curious and aspiring junior high school scientist!   

     East Brunswick High School Class of 1989 Memorial Grant

    East Brunswick High School – Building the 21st Century Classroom: Phase III
    Herb Peluzzo 
    With this grant, a 75” Flat Screen TV (with mounting and installation supplies) will be purchased, along with Google Chromecast Ultra and Google Home “Smart Assist” to continue fully engaging our social studies classes in more 21st century, student-centered learning activities, assessments, and differentiated instruction.  Students will be able to engage in group and online discussions, read online articles or history documents (PDF files or web links), and even create their own videos.  Any student work can be displayed on the new main screen in the front of the classroom, or one of the other screens in the room using Google Chromecast instantly through Wi-Fi.  Also, instead of simply recalling the Bill of Rights, World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, and many other important aspects of our curriculum, students can use technology tools to examine numerous topics throughout history, and work together to examine solutions during class and on our Google Classroom and Classroom Moodle Website. 


    Blue Ribbon Grants

    Chittick Elementary School - Robots Rule!  Coding in School! 
    Jennifer Tyber-Goldberg, Nicole Rocha and Aimee Lesser
    Using robots, student will be able to experiment with concepts that they are learning.  They will problem solve, learn that many problems have more than one solution, and discuss different methods used to arrive at solutions.  Using Dash and Dot will also engage groups to discuss procedures and results of the procedures.  Through a multi-sensory approach, students will program robots to perform specific tasks.  They will analyze and discuss the procedures and outcomes, as well as troubleshoot for desired results

    East Brunswick High School – East Brunswick Virtual Choir 
    Zachary Gates and Gregory Jung 
    The Virtual Choir has become a global phenomenon thanks to the talented composer, Eric Whitacre.  The Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir began with 185 singers and has grown to over 8,400 worldwide.  With this grant, the Virtual Choir experience will be brought to the East Brunswick Community.  By choosing selections of music and having students record them separately, it will allow the students to be part of a group without ever having met before.  The virtual choir would be able to encompass students and community members from every grade level and age. 

    Irwin Elementary School – Get FIT in Physical Education and Music 
    Abby Salgado and Michele Moore
    DrumFIT is a cardio drumming program that combines the mental health benefits of drumming with the overall health benefits of physical fitness for a full body workout.  Everyone needs a chance to get their bodies moving and their minds engaged with physical activity, before sitting down to focus or learn.  DrumFIT gets the entire body and mind working together in unison, allowing students to focus, become fully engaged and increase their performance in all subject areas.  
    Hammarskjold Middle School – iPad Minis for Health
    Dan Giudice
    The goal of this grant is to incorporate the use of modern technology in the 7th grade health classroom. iPad Minis will be used for multiple functions and applications that directly relate to the health curriculum, including using QR codes to track down legitimate resources. The iPads will also be used to guide students to use technology for efficient educational purposes and teach children the best sources to research sensitive topics that come up in health related lessons.

    East Brunswick High School - Innovation to Student Learning and Skills
    Elenor Hannun
    Ten Chromebooks and charging stations will be used in the special education classroom. The Social Studies special education classroom is integrating the Google Classroom, Google Drive and the teacher’s moodle website for students to have access to resources and navigate the internet for primary and secondary sources as they relate to the content. They are then able to use that information in the application to create video clips, slide shares, storybooks and Google slide shows.

    Bowne Munro Elementary School – Lexia Takes You Places
    Shannon Williamson and Nicole Stevenson
    Lexia is a research-based intervention proven to enhance students’ achievement by providing direct explicit instruction and scaffolding for all learners based upon their individual needs.  The skills that will be reinforced with Lexia include word attack, word recognition, strategies for multi-syllable words, affixes, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.  Lexia allows teachers to identify students who are most at risk, diagnose specific skills gaps, plan targeted instruction, and communicate this information with grade-level teams and parents.

    Partnership Grants

    Churchill Junior High School – SHAPE America National Convention
    Anthony Alexander
    Information, experiences and equipment obtained at the SHAPE America National Convention will help transform the classroom.  This program will help reenergize the Physical Education program through physical literacy and Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA).  This grant is in partnership with funds raised by utilizing GoFundMe. 

    Churchill Junior High School – Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity – The Future of Physical Education
    Anthony Alexander and Bethany Philhower
    In partnership with the CJHS PTA, 36 FITstep Pro Pedometers will be purchased.  The pedometer will allow for better data collection, more accurate assessment and more engaged students.  The classroom pack will be shared among six PE teachers.  The goal of the grant is to make students more aware of what it actually takes to commit to lifelong fitness.  It will allow them to see that there is always room for more moderate to vigorous physical activity.  

    Bowne-Munro Elementary School – Flocabulary
    Shannon Williamson
    In partnership with the PTA, this grant will purchase Flocabulary.  Flocabulary is a web based program that uses educational hip-hop videos to engage students and increase achievement in grades K-12.  The videos were created by using the Common Core Standards to produce standard-based videos, instructional activities and formative assessments in order to develop core literacy skills and supplement instruction.  Flocabulary will reinforce the curriculum by providing engaging ways for students to learn in math, science, life skills, and vocabulary and language arts.   **

    Bowne-Munro Elementary School – Healthy Hearts at Bowne-Munro
    Joanne Ficke and Jess Logan
    On February 14, 2017, Bowne-Munro students and staff, in partnership with the PTA, will be participating in a Healthy Heart Exercise Program.  Students will be raising money for the American Heart Association while learning the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle which will continue into adulthood.  One of these healthy habits is physical exercise and its role in keeping our hearts healthy.  Through this experience, students will reaffirm the importance of being a positive role model and how it is an asset to their community.  The program also stresses the importance of staying active and making healthy choices.  Finally, speaking and listening standards will be addressed as students will have to explain the program and the mission of the American Heart Association while asking for donations. **

    Memorial Elementary School – Wear the Cape Assembly Program
    Catherine Kovarcik, Melissa Wall and Cheryl Jones
    During Respect week, the “Wear the Cape” assembly program will be presented to the students of Memorial Elementary School in partnership with the PTA.  The goal of the assembly is to encourage students to be proactive and report incidents of bullying to adults.  It will also help to reinforce the importance of displaying positive behavior traits in school.  

    Churchill Junior High School – Reading and Writing Workshop:  Chromebooks and Storage
    Lauren LeClair, Christine Sulva and Elizabeth Kaplan
    In partnership with the Churchill PTA, six Chromebooks with storage will be purchased to give students daily access to technology in order to meet learning goals during class time.  One of the key components to the structure of the Reading and Writing Workshop is that no homework or assignments are given outside the class period.  This is crucial because it provides students with an encouraging environment in which to practice reading and writing without added anxiety or pressure.  

    Churchill Junior High School – Muted Brass
    Michelle Linder 
    In partnership with the CJHS PTA, Adjustable Cup Mutes will be purchased.  The timbre of the trumpet and the trombone can evoke a wide range of emotions of the listener and is important to the overall effect that a piece of music has on an audience.  Brass instruments have the capability of producing sounds that range from sweet and mellow to stately and intense.  Using the mutes purchased with this grant will help achieve this effect. 


     Excellence Grants 


    Churchill Junior High School – “Palette Literary Magazine & Creative Club” 
    Lauren LeClair
    Funds from this grant will go towards producing a final product – a professional quality published literary magazine. The magazine will be designed, written, edited and produced completely by the students of Churchill.  With the amount of work the students of the Palette put in, they deserve a publication of which they can be proud of.  Teenagers in the 21st century are not only consumers but producers as well.  This extracurricular activity will reinforce and show the value of their talent and hard work.     

    Pallete 2017  

    Hammarskjold Middle School – Tell Me a Story: Exploring History through Storytelling 
    Melissa Dugan
    “Tell Me a Story: Exploring History through Storytelling” is a project to enrich the Social Studies research experience.  Learning history as a story brings the past to life.  Students will explore a person from history and present their findings as a story.  The goal is to make research more authentic, creative, and accessible for all students     

    Churchill Junior High School – The Technofied Band 
    Michelle Lindner
    With the different types of technology available today in the area of music education, music can come to life for students!  With this grant, a new 12.9 inch iPad Pro will be used in a multitude of different ways that will enhance the current curriculum of the Churchill Concert Band classrooms.

    Churchill Junior High School – Continuing to Enhance Astronomy for 8th Graders via the Micro Dome 
    Stephanie Holtzman and Patricia Donahue 
    Through his digital Micro Dome, Aram Friedman is able to show students the relative sizes, distances, and ages of celestial bodies utilizing this piece of equipment that he built and programmed himself.  With his software, Mr. Friedman has the ability to show students celestial objects and their motion, and still have them back in time for their next class.  He is able to take our students to places even astronauts have never gone to!

    Memorial Elementary School – Come Check This Out! Students Share Thinking through Whiteboarding 
    Christine Sce, Sirda Islam, Michelle Lanouette, Jeffrey Bressler and Third Grade TAG students, Season Wei, Anagha Sanjay and Divya Avadhani 
    Whiteboard tables will be purchased for each fifth grade math and science classroom at Memorial. When using these tables, students can critique the reasoning of others because they can communicate their writing on tables.  All of their ideas are spread out and easy for other students and the teacher to see.  

    Central Elementary School - Moving, Grooving, and Learning
    Shannon Keely, Kelley Desmond, Christine Smith, Shannon Brower and Ariella Gizzi
    The goal of this grant is to start a project that will build self-awareness of mental and physical health among the first grade students.  To encourage the students to become more autonomous, each classroom will hang a chart where students can indicate their desire to move around.  As students work throughout the day, there are times their focus may drift.  If they put themselves into the “wiggle zone” on the chart, they tell the teachers that they need to be more physically engaged.  A few stools will be put in all five first grade classrooms, so the students can use them as needed