• On February 15, 2018, EBEF President Jack Levitt presented to the EBPS Board of Education a summary of some recently awarded grants.

  • East Brunswick High School – We the People:The Citizens and the Constitution National Competition
    Alan Brodman 
    Funds from this grant will be used to help pay for expenses that will be incurred in order for students of the AP IPLE program to attend the National Competition in April.  The commitment and significant performance of the students will allow the team to represent the State of New Jersey for the 30th time in the 31 years of the Competition’s existence.

    East Brunswick Performing Arts Department – DeCarolis Night of Jazz
    John Perillo
    On April 17, 2018, East Brunswick Schools will present its “Night of Jazz” featuring the jazz artistry of Warren Vache and jazz ensembles from Hammarskjold, Churchill and EBHS.  The goal of this grant is to employ a guest artist to provide second half entertainment and education in this program.  The most important thing a student can do to better their performance skills is to listen to the best artists and emulate their style and technique.


    First Lady of the Foundation Grants

    These grants recognize Amy Fisher, a cofounder and past honoree of the Foundation. Amy has been instrumental in the Foundation's successful growth

    Warnsdorfer Elementary School-Flipped and Flexible Fourth Grade
    Susan Mizerak 
    Technology, flexible seating, and other supplies will be purchased to help foster a future-ready, dynamic, motivating, exciting, student-centered, inquiry-based, 21st Century classroom for 4th grade students at Warnsdorfer!  Following the Open Work Space model being used by many companies today, students will be given the ability to work where they feel most productive through flexible seating. Math mini lesson videos will be given to students for homework.  Utilizing Classroom Moodle, students will complete work on Chrome Books in class.  The Flipped and Flexible Classroom model gives students responsibility, choice, and ownership of their learning.  This will foster a more student-centered, and inquiry-based approach to learning.

    Elementary Media – Domo Arigato Mr. Lego Roboto
    Andrew Scanlon
    Funds from this grant will be used to purchase Lego Mindstorms Robots.  Mindstorms Robots combine coding, robotics and STEM.  The robots will give students the power to create, program and command their own robotic creatures, vehicles, machines and inventions!  STEM and coding units already exist in the Elementary Media Curriculum.  This grant will enable media specialists to implement a Robotics unit for 4th and 5th graders in all eight elementary schools. 

    ELL Department – ELLs “Count” On Us
    Nancy Lombardi, Jenelle Temes and Patricia Colaizzi 
    With this grant, ELL students and their families will be provided with a “Math Dictionary”.  It will offer simplified definitions, visuals and examples of unknown math terms and demystify the often confusing world of Mathematical Academic Language.  This year, Lawrence Brook ELL teachers and Math specialists have joined forces to create an informative, engaging, and inspiring night for all of the East Brunswick ELL students and their families from K-12.  They will learn about the math curriculum, explore math resources, utilize math vocabulary, and play math games.  Students will receive the Math Dictionaries prior to the event in order for teachers to introduce this resource.  The Family Night would then be utilized to have students and their families explore and apply ways they will use this book, both in school and at home. 

    Frost Elementary School – Art in the Right 
    Angeliki Karakoglou 
    “Art in the Right” is an art initiative that raises awareness of The Human Rights Articles in our schools through art making.  The thirty articles depicted in the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights will be explored through a series of unique sculptures by students around the state of New Jersey in grades 2-12, resulting in an exhibition at Grounds for Sculpture in April 2018.  Art lessons will be built around the children’s book We Are All Born Free:  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures.  This grant will help provide necessary supplies for students to create their depictions of Human Rights through sculpture.  

    Chittick Elementary School – Up We Grow:  Move to Succeed
    Danielle Grzybek, Aimee Lesser, Jennifer Tyber-Goldberg, Nicole Rocha and Cheri Upshur 
    Every year, each class comes with their own unique learning styles.  To help meet the needs of students, a flexible learning environment that best facilitates student engagement will be implemented.  This grant will provide materials needed to help build a classroom that offers a flexible learning environment.  Students will be able to choose between items such as scoop rockers, Hokki stools, lap boards or pedal exercisers to just name a few.  

    Warnsdorfer Elementary School – Growth Mindset: A Path to Unlimited Potential
    Lisa Ruggiero
    The goal of this grant is for students to develop and foster the belief that they have unlimited potential.  Through participation in a series of growth mindset lessons and activities, students will be able to understand that the brain is malleable and has an unlimited capacity for learning.  It is important that students develop a mindset that will allow them to reach their greatest potential, feel safe taking educational risks while learning, and develop the critical thinking skills that are necessary to be successful in life. 

    Frost and Memorial Elementary Schools – What We Need to Succeed
    Allison Daly, Virginia Littlefield, Kathleen Parkinson, Lindsay Grossman, Lori Polhamus and Jackie Stanton
    The goal of this grant is to lessen barriers that children with special sensory needs face in the classroom each and every day. The ability for students to sit and be available for learning while attending to tasks for a period of time upon entering kindergarten is a goal that preschool teachers aims for.  Sensory items such as Anemone Desk Fidget, Happy Pillow Seat Cushion and Hug Seat, and Fidget Backpacks will be purchased for the self-contained preschool classrooms.  By providing items preschoolers need to help their bodies, this allows for an increase of opportunity to integrate and have available learners. 

    Hammarskjold Middle School – Traveling Using Technology: Virtual Field Trips in the Science Classroom Using Google Expeditions
    Laura Comroe 
    This grant will bring Google Expeditions to the Resource Science classroom at Hammarskjold.  This reality platform will further engage students with special needs by taking them on virtual “field trips”.  They will be able to go anywhere that is relevant to topics that are being taught.    Google Expeditions will bring the classroom into the 21st century and engage the students in a new and exciting way.  

    Dr. David Lloyd Kabus Foundation Memorial Grant

    East Brunswick High School -Kill the Watts 
    Louise Jasko and Shari Cofinas 
    This grant will provide the Kill-A-Watt meter, which is an easy to use tool that will be utilized by students. This device will enable students to discover how much energy they currently use, how much that energy costs, and how much money and energy can be saved with conservation methods. The Kill-A-Watt meter provides direct information about the amount of electricity an appliance uses and can be programmed to show the cost of that electricity. This grant will benefit students in AP Environmental Science, in the proposed Environmental Science course, and in Physics 1128.  


     Venu Madhav Bandaru Memorial Grant

    Churchill Junior High School – Fast Gels: Investigations to “Dye” For!
    Beth Shobe
    This grant aims to integrate biotechnology laboratory investigations via gel electrophoresis into all 9th grade Biology so students may experience high-tech laboratory investigations for years to come.  With the purchased items, all of the Biology teachers will be able to implement the program into the course during the genetics and or ecology unit.  This project will allow students to gain experience with specific technologies and laboratory practices used in biological laboratory careers in many scientific disciplines and practice deductive reasoning skills in solving scientific questions.  

    Blue Ribbon Grants

     East Brunswick High School Class of 1989 Memorial Grant

    East Brunswick High School-Let’s Get Digital! 
    John McMenamin
    The funds from this grant will help modernize the Video Production Studio capabilities at EBHS to allow for HDTV recordings and broadcasts directly from the production studio in room G6 as well as add a solid platform for live streaming to the Internet which can be used for special events throughout the school year.  

    Bowne-Munro Elementary School-A Virtual Reality World – Learning in 360 degrees! 
    Elissa DiTomasso
    Funding from this grant will purchase a Google Expedition 20 piece kit. Using Google Expedition, students can go on virtual field trips. They can see foreign lands, a thriving ecosystem, or one of the seven wonders of the world! In addition to expeditions, students can engage in career expeditions giving them a first-hand glimpse of a day in the life of a chosen career. This makes an amazing enhancement to Career Day. 

    Chittick Elementary School-A Smart Table for Smart Kids 
    Julie Brain
    With this grant, a Smart Table will be brought into the self-contained Autism classroom at Chittick Elementary School. This specific Smart Table, the Engage-2, comes with a curriculum specifically for students on the Autism spectrum. The curriculum, for example, was designed to help improve communication skills through group collaboration. The interactive whiteboard gives educators the ability to present material visually and provide activities to control students’ learning. 

    Irwin Elementary School-One Book, One School: Mr. Popper’s Penguins 
    Kristin Gristina and Sara Yaffie
    The goal of One Book, One School: Mr. Popper’s Penguins is to increase collaboration between home and school in an effort to engage students in an enjoyable reading experience. Families and staff members of Irwin will participate in reading the classic, age-appropriate, award-winning novel, Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The books and materials used will be passed along to another school in the district to enjoy during the next school year. After a kick-off assembly, each student will receive a copy of the text, a calendar to keep up-to-date with reading segments throughout the month, and teacher generated questions to spark discussions between parents and children both before and after reading. At Irwin, many families speak more than one language. For parents who may not feel comfortable reading aloud at home, videos will be uploaded of staff members reading chapters for the book on the school’s website. At the end of the project, a family movie night will be planned at Irwin where the 2011 film version of Mr. Popper’s Penguins will be shown. 

    Irwin Elementary School-Engaging the 21st Century English Language Learner by Incorporating Technology into the Classroom 
    Konstantinos Barkas and Fatima McKinnon 
    The purpose of this grant is to purchase technology to aid students in acquiring a second language and equip classrooms with the resources needed to create digital e-portfolios. Technology such as iPads and Chromebooks will provide English Language Learners an opportunity to be excited about learning, while building language proficiency. Portfolios created with the provided technology will enable teachers to see the growth in each students’ language proficiency and enable language learners to self-assess. Students will now be able to have a digital sample of their progression. 

    The EB Citizen Science Goes to the Birds
    Trudy Atkins
    This grant will fund three spotting scopes, carrying cases and tripods for use during field studies at Hammarskjold Middle School and binoculars for use at each elementary school. This grant will introduce students to the notion of Citizen Science and its role in the larger scope of scientific exploration and wildlife management. Grade 6 students would have the opportunity to observe bird species such as Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Osprey, and Red Tail Hawk at both Dallenbach’s and Fairview. Elementary students will have the opportunity to view song birds in their school community habitats. Older elementary students could also buddy with younger students to build communication and leadership skills during the observations. 

    East Brunswick High School-EB FIRST Robotics 
    Leslie Anderson
    EB FIRST Robotics allows anyone to join the robotics team, regardless of experience. First as an apprentice, they learn from established team members’ skills like building, programming, designing, fabrication and wiring! Once the apprentices feel ready, they are encouraged to become full-fledged team members! Funds from this grant will help purchase materials needed by the club and will also help fund registration fees to compete and help grow the program.  

    Memorial Elementary School SMART Table 
    Jennifer Beach-Eberle and Samantha Berman
    To help kindergarteners at Memorial begin their journey of learning in the East Brunswick Public Schools, a SMART table will be purchased to share among four classrooms. The table includes learning applications that require students to work together before giving an answer. It will help promote teamwork and problem solving amongst the students. The SMART table is also ideal as a learning center for small groups and can be used as a follow up to whole-class activities initiated on the SMART boards and mini-lessons. 

    Warnsdorfer Elementary School-2nd Grade Wiggle Room Makes Your Work Go KA-BOOM!
    Lauren Broderson, Katrina Retzlaff, Cara Chacko and Jamie Spinato
    With this grant, flexible seating will be brought to the 2nd grade classroom. Flexible seating will enhance the curriculum by providing the students with physical, emotional and academic benefits. Through flexible seating, students will develop a sense of community in the classroom. They learn to take turns and share supplies. Students who have trouble sitting are given the opportunity to learn while moving. They can wiggle, lean, roll, sit, kneel , etc. This will help them release excess energy while building core strength and still pay attention and participate in the lessons. 

    East Brunswick High School =Reading, Writing, & Analysis: Developing “Future Ready” Digital Skills for Our Students 
    Herb Peluzzo, Brian McInerney and Shelby Atkeison
    This grant will help purchase Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablets, the interactive pens, keyboards, protective covers, books and other resources which will help fully engage the social studies classes in more “Future Ready” student-centered activities, assessments, and differentiated instruction while better developing each student’s digital reading, writing, and analytical skills for the jobs and workforce of the 21st century. 

    Bowne-Munro Elementary School-#funforyourfanny a.k.a. Flexible Seating  
    Shannon Williamson, Maria Faust, Sue Brewer, Erin Hydrusko, Shannon McNally, Jessica Sardina and Rachel Thompson
    The learning environment students are in shapes their educational experience the minute they enter the classroom. Flexible seating provides multiple opportunities for students to make choices about the type of seating that helps them learn the best. By providing students with options, they'll show a commitment to learning, experience movement, be comfortable and have better collaborations. This grant will help provide flexible seating at Bowne-Munro in the kindergarten and first grade classrooms as well as in other special learning areas.

    Churchill Junior High School-A Platform for a Stage 
    Lynne Elson and Deb Mannuzza
    At Churchill Junior High School, the stage is in the cafetorium. Without stadium style seating it is hard to see the actors on stage. Throughout the year, classes and the drama club perform scenes, monologues and plays on the stage during and after school. A platform is used to give students more elevation. However, the current platform does not have stairs and requiresstair-like boxes to gain access. With this grant a new Wenger platform will be purchased with attached stairs to create a larger second level to the current stage and add variety for set designs. The platform is not a permanent structure and can be used in other locations throughout the school. Therefore, the platform will benefit not only the drama club and theater classes, but other school events throughout the year. 

    Central Elementary School-Stuck on Central 
    Andrea Ackerman, Danielle DiNinno and John Perillo
    The goal of this grant is to create a mosaic mural that the entire student body and staff will participate in making. The mural will be located in the entryway to the school and be a focal point to welcoming the community for years to come. The art teacher, principal and art supervisor will work with the non-profit group Artists in Residence. Plans will be made on how best to execute the project. Each class will then be given a specific part of the mural to create. The Artists in Residence artist will work alongside the art teacher to demonstrate and help the students and staff to make their tiles. The tiles will be made out of clay and each one will be unique. Through creativity, students will see how a large project begins and comes to completion. They will be part of a larger project, one that encompasses the entire community.

    Warnsdorfer Elementary School-The Ants Go Marching Class by Class 
    Donna Taylor, Caroline Colgan, Jennifer Ruszula, Jennifer Smith and Sharon Switkes
    With this grant, ant farms will be purchased for use by first and third graders at Warnsdorfer. Watching ants outside is always fun, but one of the most thrilling ways to study ants is to observe their behaviors up close in an ant farm. All of the activities that go on underground are visible. The goal of this grant is to give the students the opportunity to study the behaviors, characteristics and habits of ants using ant farms and reference materials in the classroom. The students will become familiar with the anatomy of ants, the individual life cycle of ants, and the colony life cycle of ants. 

    Chittick Elementary School-Connected Kinders 
    Samantha Meyer, Vicki Wilkins, Kim Ballack and Kelly Rosa
    iPads, charging stations and cases will be purchased to be shared between three kindergarten classrooms and one kindergarten special education teacher at Chittick. At the kindergarten grade level, students are beginning to learn how to use digital tools. iPads are a great way for students to begin to explore these tools. With easy to manipulate touch screen technology, iPads can allow every child access to these digital tools. 

    Partnership Grants 

    Central Elementary School-Central School’s Lemonade Wars 
    Kimberlee Deacon
    In partnership with the Central School PTA, the One School, One Book will be presented to the students at Central. One School, One Book is a reading event in which all students, parents, teachers, and staff in the school will come together to read one book, The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies. Aside from ILA, themes from the book will be incorporated into math, science and social studies lessons. As a culminating activity, the school plans on having a lemonade stand with the proceeds going directly to the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. This activity ties directly into Central’s school climate, “Caught Being Kind,” where students show empathy and kindness towards others. When the event is finished, all books and resources will be passed on to another school in our district to be enjoyed again by more students, teachers, staff and families. 

    Irwin Elementary School – Irwin’s Reptiles
    JeanMarie Rinaldi, Jessica Buemi and Angela Cintron
    In partnership with the PTA, this grant will help bring Rizzo’s Reptile Discovery to Irwin. To help students better understand animal life science beyond the classroom, the animals will be brought to them!  After the presentation, students can go back to the classroom and continue the lesson by comparing and contrasting the animals that they studied in the class to the ones in the reptile show. For example, they can compare the Fiddler Crab to the Tarantula or the Millipede to the snake.  The students will develop an even deeper understanding when they are able to see and touch the animal they are learning about.

    Chittick Elementary School – Sensory Needs for Autism Students
    Julie Brain
    In partnership with DonorsChoose.org, this grant will bring items into a self-contained classroom made up of students on the Autism Spectrum, where sitting still is a skill worked on each and every day.  At times, students’ Sensory Processing gets in the way of their ability to stay seated for an extended period of time.  Items such as weighted lap pads and sensory lamps will help calm their bodies and minds to allow learning to take place in the classroom.  

    Warnsdorfer Elementary School – Pigs in the South Pole? Warnsdorfer’s South Pole Expedition
    Danielle Grzybek and Michele Reisbord
    In partnership with the PTA, the One School, One Book will be brought to Warnsdorfer.  The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz will be purchased for the entire student body to read and be able to take home and share with their families.  A set of books about Antartica will also  be bought and shared between the grades to enhance the Social Studies and Science curriculum.  At the end of the five week period the New Jersey Dog Sled Club will give an assembly and book author Chris Krutz himself will Skype with the students! In addition, a Family Night will be held with fun activities relating to Adventures of a South Pole Pig and all that was learned about Antartica!

    Irwin Elementary School – Irwin Students Have the POWER to be Superheros!
    Jennifer Graf and Christine Connolly 
    Developing a community of learners who are excited about school and look forward to entering into it each day is the most important goal of the staff at Irwin.  In partnership with the PTA, this grant will help purchase material such as banners, badges and shields to help promote the school slogan: Irwin Students Have the POWER to be Superheros!  These signs will help keep students highly engaged in the program and help serve as visual reinforcement of expectations while using common language that is consistent throughout the building.

    East Brunswick High School – Dinosaurs Rock
    Louise Jaske, Leslie Anderson
    One of the pillars of the East Brunswick High School Science Honors Society is community service and outreach.  In partnership with the EBEFSA, this grant will help the Science Honors Society to bring Dinosaur Rocks to the 5th grade students at both Memorial and Lawrence Brook Elementary Schools.This professional program brings experienced presenters who explain and demonstrate an impressive assortment of beautiful dinosaur fossil specimens and models.  The program concludes with high school students and elementary school students working side by side in a simulated fossil dig!

     Excellence Grants  

    Central Elementary School-Traveling the World with Skype –
    Sherri Cagnina, Jeanette Lyons, Jenna Klein and Shannon Keely
    This grant will enable the 3rd grade students at Central to travel the world and become digital citizens with out leaving the classroom! Maps, USA carpets, posters, puzzles, books, bulletin board supplies and a suitcase will be purchased. Students will use the material to build background knowledge and to play Mystery Skype, a global guessing game, that gets students learning about geography, culture and the similarities and differences of how people live all over the world. Teachers and students will connect with different schools from around the country and world via Skype. While utilizing their new supplies, students will ask questions to see who can guess the other school’s location first. 

    Warnsdorfer Elementary School-Oh Snap! Let’s Travel on this Map! 
    Cara Chacko, Lauren Broderson, Jamie Spinato, Katrina Retzlaff, Cristina Franqui, Kara Johnson and Michele Reisbord
    With funds from this grant, a 21’ x 17’ National Geographic floor map of New Jersey will be purchased. The map includes a teacher’s guide for additional learning resources. This project uses an area of high interest in the curriculum to delve deeper into concepts taught in the 2nd and 4th grade social studies curriculums. In addition to a strong geographical focus, many of the lessons surrounding this topic will have cross curricular connections. For example, second graders will use their beginning measurement skills to measure the distance from one city to the next, whereas, fourth graders will be able to use the same ideals in terms of mileage and time.

    Frost Elementary School -Walking in Her Shoes: Reading and Writing Historical Fiction with Author Trinka Hakes Noble 
    Lisa Barry, Allsion Servidio, Patti Knouse and Carolyn Gorski
    With this grant, author Trinka Hakes Noble will be invited to Frost Elementary School to help the 4th and 5th grade students kick off their Historical Fiction units in Reading and Writing. Noble will give a presentation to the students during which she will share with them her motivation for writing Historical Fiction and her journeys and experiences while in the process. She will provide insight to the planning, research and execution of historical fiction writing during the assembly that will be attended by students and their parents. 

    Warnsdorfer Elementary School-Flipped and Flexible Fourth Grade Part 2  
    Susan Mizerak
    This grant will be used to complete the Flipped and Flexible 4th grade classroom at Warnsdorder by purchasing flexible seating and additional materials such as organizing bins for cubbies, book and binder holders and timers. Flipped and Flexible Classroom can help classrooms be more like real-world environments and better prepare students for college and career readiness in the 21st century. This method of learning has helped introduce critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity into students’ learning. 

    Central Elementary School -Let Us Hear Their Voices 
    Kelly Desmond, Jessica Duda, Christine Maia and Christine Smith
    With this grant, three Qballs will be purchased for the first grade classes at Central. The Qball is an innovative product that makes speaking up fun. The Qball is a soft and durable foam sphere that safely houses a microphone inside. The microphone will link to wireless speakers in the classroom. As the Qball is tossed from student to student, they are given the opportunity to speak their thoughts and ideas into the orb, allowing their voices to be projected throughout the room. This playful piece of technology will motivate all students, even the most reluctant, to actively participate in all group discussions. 

    Churchill Junior High School-“Palette Literary Magazine & Creative Club”
    Lauren LeClair
    Palette is a creative collaboration, blending together the talent, imagination and personality of the artists at Churchill Junior High School. At its heart, it is a sanctuary for young minds and artistic souls, where creativity is limitless and self-expression is sacred. Funding from this grant will help produce a professional quality published literary magazine, designed, written, edited and produced completely by the students of Churchill Junior High School. 

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