• Reading Homework:

    • Students will read a minimum of 4 nights a week for a minimum of 20 minutes a night. 
    • Students will "quick jot" about their reading for every night that they have read.
    • Students will fill out minimum of 1 word in vocabulary glossary.
    • Students can always do more, never less. (Exceeding Grade level)

    Your jots could include:

    • Vocabulary - jot unknown, tricky, interesting, powerful words in your glossary
    • Figurative Language - Simile, Metaphors, hyperbole, imagery, and descriptive details
    • Character - Change, Traits,  or "Say, Do, Think" with an inference you can make from noticing these.
    • Symbolism – A repeating object/s that represent more than they first appear.
    • Theme – What big idea is emerging from the problems in the text?
    • Foreshadowing - Subtle events that seem random at first but might be a clue to what will happen later on in the story.
    • Connections -  Not just a "cheap connection" but a "deep connection". This is one where you can make a statement of a lesson learned or an inference about how a character must feel based on your own connection to yourself, another text or the world.  6th and 7th graders should be making more and more T to T and T to W connections which are stronger.
    • Any Notice and Note Sign-Post- This pertains to fiction and nonfiction.
    • New Learning- How your thinking has changed or grown.


             ***You should ALWAYS have the date, page number and a direct quote on a nightly jot!


    I am hoping to help you to make reading a habit instead of having it feel like homework!

    After You Read You Can...
     Retell the story (who is in the story, where the story takes place, order of events, problem, solution, etc.)
     Post-it how the book makes you feel (draw smiley face for happy, sad face for sad, etc.) 
    Post-it your favorite part in the book and talk about why it is your favorite part 
     Act out the story 
     Go on a sight word hunt 
     Make a connection to your own life "This reminds me of..." 
     Re-read the book to gain more fluency


    Writing Homework:

    • Students will write at home on an as needed basis or when they choose to.
    • We will try to get most of the writing done in class but some students might need to add to their writing if they are not meeting deadlines.