November 1, 2018

    Dear Parents,

    I hope this letter finds you well and rebounding from the sugar rush and excitement of the Halloween festivities. Yesterday, I came to visit with my 6 month old son, Archer to say a little hello and prepare the our second grade class for my return. Although Archer is too young to trick-or-treat, I think he enjoyed dressing as Mickey Mouse and seeing the smiling and curious faces of your children!


    Though it is bittersweet that my family bonding leave has ended, I am so thrilled to return to the profession I am so passionate about… teaching second grade! We had a wonderful first day together!

    It is clear that your children have made strides in their learning in just a few short weeks. Ms. Hathaway has done a great job establishing a caring, and inquisitive classroom environment. During my transition into the classroom, we will take several moments throughout the day to review procedures and get to know each other better.

    Feel free to stop by during our dismissal time or at our upcoming American Education Week Open House to introduce yourself, as I would enjoy meeting you all! I will also update our monthly newsletter on my classroom website to share any current or future learning in the classroom.

    Thank you for your support going forward! I cannot wait to build a relationship with each student in my class, as well as working in partnership with you to ensure growth towards each child’s learning goals.

    Love and learning,

    Mrs. Chacko