• General Grant Information

    (Please read prior to writing a grant for submission.)

    Grants Categories:


    1. Mini Grants; ongoing and awarded monthly:
      1. Elementary; up to $500 awarded for a
      2. Elementary; up to $2,100 awarded for a grade level at an elementary
      3. Secondary; up to $2,500 awarded for programs that include all students in a grade level or department.

    2. Partnership Grants; ongoing and awarded monthly. Applicants must have at least one additional funding source (partner) that will cover at least ⅓ of the total amount being

    3. First Lady of the Foundation Grants*; granted during the fall of each year for amounts that are more than a mini


    1. Excellence Grants*; awarded annually (usually in January) for special projects for amounts between $500 and $2,500.


    1. Blue Ribbon Grants*; grant requests between $2,500 and $7,500 awarded annually (usually in January) for special projects or events of enduring


    Online Submission Deadline

    Grants Committee Meeting

    Trustee’s Meeting

    Wed Aug 25

    Mon Aug 30

    Wed Sept 1

    Wed Sept 22

    Mon Sept 27

    Thurs Sept 30

    Wed Oct 20

    *Including First Lady Grants

    Mon Oct 25

    Wed Oct 27

    Wed Nov 17

    Mon Nov 22

    Tues Nov 23

    Wed Dec 8

    Mon Dec 13

    Wed Dec 15

    Wed Jan 19

    *Including Excellence and Blue Ribbon Grants

    Mon Jan 24

    Wed Jan 26

    Tues Feb 16

    Mon Feb 22

    Wed Feb 23

    Wed Mar 16

    Mon Mar 21

    Wed Mar 23

    Wed Apr 6

    Mon Apr12

    Wed Apr 20

    Wed May 11

    Mon May 16

    Wed May 18

    Wed Jun 8

    Mon Jun 13

    Tues Jun 14

    Note: An email notifying applicants of their grant status (approval/disapproval) will be sent within two weeks of the submission deadline.


    The Foundation’s mission is to enhance and enrich the curriculum for the students in the East Brunswick Public School District. Therefore, it is important to note that the EBEF does not typically fund:

    • Projects or programs that should otherwise be part of the District’s annual budget. For example, updating materials is critical to imparting the curriculum and therefore the Foundation does not consider such requests an enhancement
    • Transportation for field trips. While a request for tickets to a performance or a museum might be approved, transportation to said venue should not be part of the budget request
    • Requests for professional development activities
    • More than two grants that are the same
    • Furniture for teachers


    About the East Brunswick Education Foundation Student Association (EBEF SA): The EBEF SA fundraises for and awards grants to extracurricular organizations. While the student association's focus is on supporting extracurricular activities at the secondary level, they will also review and award amounts up to $100 for elementary projects that they deem worthy. In order to receive funding from the EBEF SA the grants should be written by students (with the help of their advisors, of course).



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