• Fundraisers

    Simply go to the sign up page and type "Hammarskjold", click on the button and follow the simple instructions. Once you join and are logged in you can see these great ways to raise money for Hammarskjold Middle School:
    • There are 100’s of household items that you purchase from the local grocery store, sometimes up to a few times a week, that are included in the Box Tops program.  Please cut off the entire coupon and have your child bring them into school.  There will be a few collection deadlines through out the year with prizes. Here is a complete list of Box Tops Participating Products
    • Visit Box Tops Sweepstakes and participate in Bonus opportunities that only take a few minutes. Box Tops changes the activities frequently, so visit often.
    • Pledge to help our school reach its Box Tops goal by joining our collection pledge drive.
    • Download the Box Tops Bonus mobile App, find and select bonus offers for your favorite Box Tops brands and retailers, buy the selected products and scan your receipt.

    Box Tops are "free" money and a way the kids can get involved in helping out the school.  Thank you for taking the time to help them!  It really makes a difference!  

    For more information on this program, contact Angela Paglia
    KidStuff Books (September - October)
    KidStuff books will be on sale during Back To School Nights and at the School Store.
    Hammarskjold shirts, sweatshirts, and novelites are on sale every Tuesday at the School Store during lunch. Also, look for a flyer to come home in September.





Last Modified on October 13, 2017