• Just when you thought that your days of helping out at school were done, you're wrong...we still need you!

    Your involvement in middle school activities is very important to the success of your child's school experience. By volunteering a little time during the year (not necessarily during the school day), you can meet your child's friends & teachers, check out what's going on, all while providing valuable and much appreciated assistance.


    Here are just some of the Hammarskjold PTA sponsored events during the 2022-2023 school year:
    • School Store - The store is open every Thursday and parents are behind the counters every week to run the facility. The more volunteers, the easier the shopping is for the kids and the better the rotation of volunteers. Volunteer on your own schedule as often as you like.


    • Back To School Night -


    • Ice Cream Social - is a great event in the fall where 5th grade students can catch up with old friends or maybe meet some new buddies in their class.  The spring Ice Cream Social is just as much fun when our 6th grade students say goodbye for summer break.
        • FREE Ice Cream for all 5th graders of PTA members only! 5th graders of non-members, siblings, parents and additional ice cream treats are $4 each (advance tickets) or $5 (at the door).


          Choices: pre-packaged ice cream, Icee (vegan option)

    • TGIF - This is a major evening event held twice during the school year for the combined grades. The fall TGIF (October 13th) and the spring (May 31st) events consist of dancing, games, inflatables, food concessions and more for the kids to enjoy. This event requires MANY parents (and staff members, too!) to chaperone and is a fun evening for kids and adults alike!  Look for links to purchase advance tickets, register, and to sign up to chaperone. You MUST be a PTA member to volunteer at PTA events.


    Book Fair

    • Holiday Shoppe


    • Valentine's Day


    Join us at the PTA Meetings in the Hammarskjold Cafeteria:

    September 28, 7:00pm

    November 29, 7:00pm

    January 31, 6:30pm:

    March 19, 7:00pm

    May 30, 7:00 pm



Last Modified on December 13, 2023