• Upcoming meeting: June 11th:

    June 2024


    We had our first PTSA Meeting on Sept 21.

    PTSA Meeting agenda and recording


    Our Second meeting in March

    Guest Speaker: Ivy Masters Learning Center

    See Presentation HERE


    Our Third Meeting in May

    Guest Speaker: Therapist and coordinator for Youth groups from the Center of Therapy and Counseling, LLC

    Understanding and supporting the mental well-being of teenagers.

    • Nurturing positive relationships between parents, teachers, and teenagers to cultivate a supportive environment.
    • Learn effective communication techniques to bridge understanding and connection.
    • Discover how to identify triggers and help incorporate coping strategies.
    • Creating a safe space where teenagers feel empowered to seek help.
    • Examine how teenagers are searching for their identity and their own independence.
    • Discuss the importance of building a positive and encouraging environment where teens can feel validated.

    Due to lack of interest, there are no meeting minutes.

Last Modified on May 26, 2024