Special Education Parent Liaison Committee


    About East Brunswick Special Education Liason

    The objective of The East Brunswick Special Education liaison is to provide information to families on a wide variety of special education topics.  We strive for all students and families to make a connection within the school community.  The goal is to increase a sense of tolerence, acceptance and belonging for families throughout the district.  All children can learn, integrate and be included with their peers.  We welcome families of classified and typical children and all educators.  

    Mission For The Community

    The mission for the community is to provide diversity in the district so that all children can develop to their potential socially, emotionally and academically. It is to further provide the community with information so that typical and classified families can integrate successfully. The Special Education Liaison is committed to educate families for the good of the district to accept each other and assimilate as a school community. It is the vision for families to see that what makes us the same is that we are all different. It is the hope for all to view and treat each other equally, and to reinforce the positive things in our differences.






    Choosing a Support Coordination Agency - A Guide for Families

    CHADD- National Resource on ADHD

    Learning Ally

    Understood - For Learning and Attention Issues

     Local Seminars/Conferences:

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