• Social Studies

    Unit I: Rules

    Essential Theme:

    Students will use and understand the importance and necessity of rules in the home, classroom, and community.

    Unit 2: All About Me

    Essential Theme:

    Students will address and understand skills and concepts that are important in growing up such as: recognizing and learning our name, learning emotions, personal hygiene (e.g. brushing teeth, washing hands), peace education, and most of all knowing that everyone is unique and special


    Unit 3: Family

    Essential Theme:

    Students will understand the concept of a family.


    Unit 4: School as a Social Unit

    Essential Theme:

    To set the tone for positive student behavior by delivering the “Six Essential Lessons,” which are the core of our positive school climate.

    Unit 5: Neighborhoods

    As the students learn about communities, their neighborhood becomes a broader picture for them to think about as a place where they are a member and can make a difference. Learning that the community is diverse is important.

    Essential Theme:

    The student will understand what a neighborhood is and his/her role in that neighborhood. 

    Unit 6: Community Helpers

    Essential Theme:

    Many children see Community Helpers only as those people who wear uniforms or have jobs that we see or hear about on television. The children often do not realize there are many other workers who contribute to a successful community. The purpose of this lesson is to help children recognize community helpers and what they do, realize that it takes many, varied jobs for a city or town to work as a community.


    Unit 7: Seasons and Holidays

    Essential Theme: Students will be aware of the four different seasons and identify the weather conditions commonly associated with each season. Students will discover that people celebrate different holidays throughout the year.

    Unit VIII: Geography

    Essential Theme: Maps are used to represent different places.