**Please do not put me down as a recommendation on Naviance until you have asked and spoken to me LIVE in person to see if you qualify.


    How to get a college recommendation from Mrs. Korff:

    Yes, I am using Naviance.

    Find out if you are qualified:

    To qualify, ask yourself the following questions:

    Question 1:  Did I CONSISTENTLY do my work or did I slack and get zeros on HW and labs?  

    Answer:  If the answer is you did your work consistently throughout the year (not just one marking period), then you can have one.  This is my gift to the people who sweat to finish all the work assigned, including labs, projects, foldables and homeworks.  I will write one for you if you have busted yourself to do your best in our class. If you are a kid that was consistent in skipping HW or getting zeros for Korff attacks, what am I supposed to write?  Lazy?  Doesn't do what is expected?  Unreliable?  Seriously, you can't expect me to write a recommendation for you if were a lazy lima bean. YOU CHOSE to not do the HW in this class.  The consequence is, no recommendation for you.


    Question 2:  Was I a discipline problem/cheater/threw Korff under the bus/class rule breaker/complainer/whiner last year?

    Answer:  If the answer is no, then you can have one.


    Question 3:  What did I get on the final?  Did I fail or get a D?

    Answer:  If you performed an A on the final, you are eligible to get a recommendation.


    Question 4:  Was I absent more than 16 days?

    Answer:  Sorry, if you were absent for more than 16 days, I do not feel comfortable writing you a college recommendation.


    Question 5:  What type of student were you?

    Answer:  Roller Coaster kids:  Did well, then slacked, up and down.  No rec for you.  Habitual HW skippers/zeros:  No rec for you.  Cheaters/Liars/Shady Dodes:  No rec for you.  4th Quarter grade drops/senioritis early:  No rec for you.  Absent too much:  No rec for you.


    I am crispy and delicious.  Now what?

    1.  I will only write for the top % age of the class who are crispy and delicious.   Top performers %age gets rec if they want it.  Nothing personal, just business.  It doesn't mean that I don't like you.  I'm just saving my rec for my top special kids.

    2.  As you know, it takes a long time to write an excellent college recommendation for the numerous requests that I receive each year.  In order to free up my time to write all of these college recommendations, I need you to volunteer after school (2:12 pm to late bus bell for three times), to help me prepare classroom materials.  Of course, the time can be flexible.  Just talk to me and we'll arrange it.  

    3.  These volunteer hours need to be completed before your first recommendation goes out.

    I volunteered and completed my hours.  Now what?

    Once you are ready, email me the following answers to these questions:  mkorff@ebnet.org

    1. Final grade in Chemistry and GPA.

    2. General list of activities you have accomplished.

    3. Recommendation due dates.

    4. Write a short paragraph on how my class will help you in the future.

    5. 3 adjectives to describe yourself.


    Hand it in, sit back, relax and when you find out, please let me

    know where you got accepted.


    P.S.  Don't forget your manners.  Thank you cards are always appreciated.


    If you are handing me an application where it needs my info, please fill it out:

    Teacher's Name:  Maricar Korff

    Subject Taught:  Chemistry

    Secondary School:  East Brunswick High School

    School Address:  380 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

    732-613-6900 x 4167





    Please understand that recommendations will not be written after

    November 1st due to an overwhelming number of requests.


    PLEASE UNDERSTAND that if you can not follow these directions, you shouldn't

    ask me for a recommendation.