Ways Korff Checks HW

    HW is assessed everyday in many different ways.  Each day is different.  Here are some ways HW is checked..Assignments are due at the start of the class period.  Due to a strict time schedule, if it is not in the first minute, I will not accept it. Get organized and stay organized.If an assignment is not turned in at the start of class, it receives a grade of zero. You have one minute. When the bell rings, the timer will be set. If it is not in the folder, I will not accept it. No tears. According to district policy, there is no make up for the homework that is not completed.

    You don't know what I'm going to ask for daily. Here are different ways I grade HW. You must stay on your toes at all times.

    1.       Collect HW and check all problems to see if correct.  Must have exact correct answers with work shown to get full credit.2.       Check for completing the work with all steps shown to get full credit.3.       Check 1 problem from the set and use that as the grade.4.       Check with absent buddies and not collected.  Grade goes to weekly grade.5. Check random problems.  Example, if 10 problems, do all 10 and we will grade 5…but you don’t know which 5.6.    Honest attempt.  If you tried, but showed work, and the answers are incorrect=full credit.7. Write answers on the board.8. A HW quiz.  A problem is chosen from the HW and is used as a quiz.9. Don’t collect and you keep it.10.   If you don't do your HW, you will not be allowed to mooch off your co-op group.
    • It is very important that you complete assignments on time!
    • Reviewing the solutions in class will help you learn by understanding where you may make mistakes.
    • Because of this, late assignments will not receive credit.
    • Your homework grade counts towards your performance assessment grade, which is 20% of your overall grade for Chem Com and 10% for Chem A.
    • Guidelines for absent students:   If you are absent on the day homework is assigned, you have 2 days for every 1 day absent to hand in your assignment.
    • If you were in school the day homework was assigned and are absent on the day homework is checked, you must bring it to class the day that you return to school.
    • Homework is very important!  It will reinforce the concepts and skills taught in class, and will help you perform better on quizzes, tests, and exams.
    • Points awarded weekly will vary.
    • However, you will only see a max of 35 (thirty-five) points in the gradebook.
    • It is worth the same as if I put in 125 points.
    • This is how I calculate it.             
    • # of points you earned        x 35       =  #posted in gradebook out of 35 points
    •          possiblepoints                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                100                                                             125        x        35    =  28 posted in gradebook            100/125 x 100 = 80%            28/35 x 100 = 80%        So even though we had 125 possible HW points, you will see it scaled to 35.      It is the same grade.  I just want to work with a more managable number.

    Do you want to be successful in our class? Here’s how...

    Get enough sleep…

    Brain research has shown that most American teenagers are sleep deprived. Did you have any days over summer vacation where you could sleep (not just lie in bed) for as long as you wanted to? How many hours did you sleep? If you clocked it, you’d probably find that it was pretty consistent. Do you get as many hours of sleep each night during the school year? If not, you are sleep deprived, and you will not do as well with your studies as if you sufficient sleep. Trust me on this one. Research bears this out.

    Let me start class on time…

    Every minute is precious in this course. We absolutely cannot make-up tomorrow what we lose today in a course like this. So, for me to be able to do my job, you have to do yours. Get to class on time. Get to your seat. Open your notebook. Take out your homework, and have it ready to go.

    Be nice…

    I don’t necessarily expect you to become best friends with every single student in the class, but I do expect you to remember that they are part of your “community” while you are in my room. Every single one of us brings something special to this community. Let’s try to discover what that is.  If we’re all respectful of each other, we will be able to accomplish a lot more by June than if all we care about is ourselves.


    You don’t have to raise your hand to answer every single question. When you don’t understand something, ask questions. I do not have a crystal ball, and I do not read minds. I need clues. If you are absolutely so shy that even reading about asking a question is making your nervous, then you need to know that I am available for you after school.

    Stay on top of your work…

    If you find yourself totally confused, do not put off getting help from me. The course moves quickly, and the longer you wait and “hope” that all will get better, the more lost you will become. My first signal that you are in trouble should not be a low test score. I may be able to still clear things up for you, but you will still be stuck with the poor grade. See me quickly, and see me often.

    Come in for a little TLC…

    Eventually, everyone stumbles a little. One key to success is recognizing when it is time to stop struggling on your own, and to seek assistance. I am available after school and this is the best time for me.  Just tell me you are stopping by.

    Be fair… Be honest…

    If you need clarification, and you do not participate in class, and you do not come to see me for help, and, maybe, just maybe, you don’t do much studying at home, then is it really my fault that you don’t do well? Take the responsibility to forge the path of your success.

    Work safely in the lab…

    Here’s the bottom line. I have a legal and moral responsibility to keep my students safe.  If you do anything in lab that I consider unsafe, you will be asked to leave the lab, and you will receive a permanent grade of zero on that lab.

    Do your homework (on time)…

    Enough said.

    Get back on track quickly after you’ve been absent...

    Being absent even one day can leave you feeling like you are hopelessly behind, and I won’t kid you. Depending on the topic, it may be challenging for you to get caught up, but you can, if you get to it right away. If you miss a lab, you must make it up within two days.  It is very likely that I will not have the chemicals and laboratory materials available after that time, because we will have moved on to another lab. As soon as you return to school, see me to make an appointment to miss up the missing lab.  I will not chase after you.  It is very hard to bring your grade back up if you receive a default grade of zero on a test or lab, because you waited to long to come in to make it up.