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Frequently Asked Questions

*When is Mrs. Korff available for help?

I am available before and after school.  Just let me know you are stopping by.  Athletes-If I am here late, you can go to practice first, then I can help you.  The key thing here is, let me know you are stopping by!  Do not wait until it is too late (i.e. the day before a test).  Stop the bleeding early!  As soon as you don't get it, you need to get help!!!  I am in early everyday.  You can stop by in the morning with no appointment.  If you need to see me after school, you need to make an appointment.  There is no excuse for not getting any help you may need.  Can't blame this one on me peeps!  I'm way too dedicated!


*Is Mrs. Korff serious about giving us HW everyday?

Absolutely!  Chem-IS-TRY!  Chemistry needs to be practiced in order to excel.  Embrace it.  It is not a punishment, this teacher just cares that you do well!  The only way to succeed is to practice! Wasting time will not be tolerated.  Chem homework will keep you off the streets!


*Do I have to wear goggles?

Of course!  They are the latest in fashion!  Especially for those who like to see beautiful sunsets, gorgeous people and report cards!  Plus it's the state law.  Anyone who is not willing to will be asked to leave the lab, receive a zero, then make it up after school that day.


*How come I can eat & drink in my other classes but I can't in Chem?

Contamination of food, drink and cosmetics is a potential route for exposure to toxic substances that may be present. Consumption or storage of food or beverages is not permitted in laboratory, research or work rooms where chemicals are used or stored.  This is by law.


*How can I get my grades?

Your parents should have a password to get into Genesis.  Grades are updated frequently so you know your progress.  There should be no surprises.  If your parents don't have a password to Genesis, call the main office at 732.613.6909.  Grades are posted every week.  It is your job to keep up with your grades.  You have 48 hours to discuss a grade.  Do not come up to me about a grade that is days old.  I input a zero if you are absent.  It is your job to chase me when you are absent to get rid of the zero.  Grades that are older than 48 hours will not be entertained.  Stay on top of it.


*Where can I buy (some chemicals)? I want to make (something weird).

First of all, I'm not telling you where to get any chemicals.  Secondly, please don't do chemistry on your own - it's not safe.


*I have a concern about grades. What should I do? Can I get extra credit?

Students should talk to me about grade concerns.  I prefer for the student to approach me with any concerns that they may have because it teaches them to communicate for themselves; however, if there is any reason that a parent/guardian would like to contact me, it is best to reach me by EMAIL.  I respect students who can speak and advocate for themselves.  Once your grade is returned to you, YOU HAVE 48 HOURS to DISPUTE IT.  You can not dispute a grade that is 8 weeks old b/c you are in need of .3 points at the end of the quarter and start begging for points then.  Your request will be denied.  It is your job as a student to update your grades, check parent connect, look at work returned to you so you can see what's up.

Under the science department's policy, there is no extra credit given.


*How is my grade determined in Chem A?

15% Homework,Classwork, Activities, Projects; 30% Labs; 55% Tests


*I knew about the test/project due today. I missed it. What do I do?  

If you knew that I was going to give a test, quiz, etc. and you are absent the day of the assessment, you must take it the next day!  It is YOUR

responsibility to make an appointment with me.  If it is not made up, it will be a zero.


*I want to get in touch with Mrs. Korff. What's the best way?

The best way to reach me is email.


*What is the difference between Chemistry, Academic Chem and Honors Chemistry?

Chemistry--Prerequisite: A course in Algebra I  Chemisrty is designed primarily for students who plan to pursue non-science-related careers. This course emphasizes the important role chemistry will play in their personal and professional lives. The course enhances their ability to understand and use the principles of chemistry and to think more clearly about current issues involving science and technology. Students also develop awareness of the limitations and the potential of science in their daily lives. The course is organized around units, which are chemistry- related technological issues now confronting our society and the world. Each unit topic serves as a basis for introducing the chemistry needed to understand and analyze it. The setting for each unit is a community. This may be the school community, the town or the region in which the studentslive. The units include many major concepts and laboratory skills found in any introductory chemistry course. Critical thinking, analysis of data, and cooperative learning activities are included.

Academic Chem--Corequisite: Algebra II:  Chemistry is designed for students who have exhibited past success in mathematics and science and may possibly continue their study of science in college. This course provides a comprehensive study of the basic concepts of chemistry, which will enhance the student's success in a college chemistry course. It includes the study of the structure of the atom, the dynamics of chemical reactions, the kinetic theory of gases and the various phases of matter. The quantitative relationships of chemical reactions, the mole theory, and chemical composition are emphasized. Numerous laboratory sessions using semi-micro and microchemical techniques are provided to enhance understanding of chemical concepts and theory. Critical analysis of data and problem solving are the major thrusts of this course.

Honors Chem--Very strong math background.  This course covers 3 extra chapters in detail.



*How do I see the test we just took?

Assessments will be available for review but are not to be removed from the classroom.  Make an appointment with me, and I'd be happy to go over your test one on one.  Test files are maintained and available for student review with my supervision only.  This is a science department policy.


*Should my parents go to Back to School Night?

Do we put chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies?  Of course they should go to Back to School night!  Your parents will see our classroom and be able to meet me live! In the flesh!  Free of charge!  Once they meet me in person, they'll understand our classroom better.  Plus it's free entertainment!   Come early for the best parking spots!  Don't be late!


*Why do I have to copy all the procedures to all our labs in my lab notebook?

  1. In the chemistry lab, safety is the priority.  We can not allow students to do the lab unless they have read it and know about safety precautions. Copying the lab in your own handwriting allows us to see that you have at least been made aware of any safety warnings.
  1.  There's nothing worse than having kids do the lab and not knowing ahead why or what is to come.  It ends the never ending question of "What do we do?"  "How do we do this?" "What do we do next?"  It's in your lab notebook! 
  1.  Lab reports:  Feedback from the students is that it beats having to write the lab reports at home in one sitting.  With our Korffy system, it's broken up into sections.  First, you write the lab.  Next, you do the lab. Then, you take it home and do the questions.  Finally, conclusion is done in class.
  1.  PRIDE:  At the end of the year, you will look back at your lab notebook and say, "Wow! I accomplished all that!  I can do anything!"