What is Fundations?
    •  Fundations is phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling program, which is a multi-sensory approach. It is a fabulous foundation for reading, spelling, and handwriting.
    • Skills and tools are provided for a structured and sequential spelling/phonics program, which is incorporated into a thirty minute session each day.
    • Some components of the program are: 
    Drill Sounds Warm-Up
    Echo/Find Letters
    Echo/Find Letters and Words
    Echo/Letter Formation
    Sky Write/Letter Formation
    Alphabetical Order
    Introduce New Concepts
    Word Play
    Guess Which One
    Make It Fun
    Dictation (Dry Erase or Composition Book)
    Student Notebook
    Story time
    Trick Words
    Word of the Day
    Word Talk  
    • Students are taught to write using the following lines: sky line, plane line, grass line, and worm line. The children sky write, trace, and tap out words.
    • Teachers model using the owl puppet, "Echo." The puppet directs students to repeat letters, key words, and sounds. "Baby Echo" joins in on the fun, too!

    • Skill development includes:
    Letter formation
    Phonological and phonemic awareness
    Sound Mastery
    Irregular (trick) words
    Written Composition 
    Fundations in action: