Mrs. Katrina Retzlaff
       Since I was very young, I had always wanted to be a teacher. 
    After getting my job at Warnsdorfer in 2014, I spent my first two years teaching
    kindergarten, and then moved to second grade. I am looking forward to
    "creating a brighter future" in second grade this year! Besides teaching I also love
    the color yellow, teaching yoga and going to the beach to read and
    soak in the sun. In class, she talks most often in class about her neices and nephew
    yoga and her husband Mr. Retz, who is a teacher at the middle school. Of course, a new topic this year is for sure to be my daughter Charley who was born in March of this year.
    My classroom environment is friendly, and positive and I encourage parent 
    interactions as a piece to their child's success. I am greatly looking forward to working
    with your child and watching them grow this year!!