• Ways to Practice Sight Words

    1. Rice tray-Say and spell:
    • Read through each sight word- For unknown sight words-
    • Have the child repeat the sight word
    • Have the child trace the letters of the word in the rice. As they
       trace the letters they should be naming the letters in the word
       out-loud.  Repeat this activity with any sight word that is unknown.
    2. Play coin toss - words on floor - children take turns to toss a
       coin onto a word and say that word.
    3. Play Hangman using the word card words.
    4. How quickly can you find a certain word in a book.
    5. Play dominoes with the sight word cards- match the same end letter/ beginning letter.
    6. Circle letters or small words within words using whiteboard marker on laminated
       word cards.
    7. Place word cards in alphabetical order.
    8. Around the World Words – flash a word – first player to say word
       out of that pair moves on to the next person to make a pair and
       an-other word is flashed, etc, etc.
    9. Play ‘tic tac toe, here I go, where I stop I do not know’ -
       children say the word that you stop on...
    10. Play stepping stones - place words on the floor and children walk
       over them saying the word as they go to get to the other side of the
    11. Make words using playdough, clay, or wikki stix
    12. Make words using letter tiles -scrabble pieces.
    13. Make words using magnetic letters.
    14. Beat the clock - How many times can a word be written in 1 minute etc.
    15. Children write their words in list form and then write over the
       words 2 or more times using different colors to create rainbow words. 

    Fry Words/ Alligator Apps : Fry words in groups of 100, customizable flashcards, games
    Sight Words by Photo Touch – You can customize Sight Words by Photo Touch to reflect only the words your child’s class is currently focused on, or let him continue to grow at his own pace if he’s ready to advance earlier. This free app also lets you take photographs with your iPhone’s camera and record words in your own voice to expand the list beyond the constraints of simple sight words.