•  helmet
    This is the helmet that I wore on the dive. It weighs 45 pounds.
     These are the hoses that supplied the air to the divers. The yellow hose is the dive instructor.
     This is Greg the owner and dive instructor making sure each person is OK.
     Notice the reflection of my camera on the helmet glass.
        Mrs. B.
     Mr. B's son.
     Mr. B's daughter.
     Notice the biodiversity in this picture.
     just swim
     Just swimming by.
    just keep swimming along  
    Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming.
    This is Dianna the Angle fish.
     Smile for the camera
    Notice the size of this piece of brain coral.
    It weighs 10 pounds.
     hand on coral
    This is a close up of the same piece of brain coral.
    Notice the plant that is also growing on the coral.
     A close up of the plant growing on the brain coral.
     This plant has small feelers that filter the water for
     colorful plants
     Notice all the different types of plants that live on
     the reef.  Lots of biodiversity.
     hide and seek
      Lets play Hide and Seek.  Can you find the
      four fish in this picture?
        Notice all the different types of coral and plants
         in this picture.  Also take notice of all the color.
         We even found a jellyfish.      Don't touch!
         They have stingers.
            Can you find the jellyfish?