• General Information

    Birthdays: Children love to celebrate their birthday with their classmates. At the district's 8 elementary schools, birthdays are celebrated with non-food items only. Should you want your child to celebrate his/her special day with the class, here are some suggestions:
    • Send a small gift for your child to hand out like stickers, pencils, erasers, bookmarks, etc.
    • Donate a copy of your child's favorite book to the classroom library in honor of his/her birthday.
    Invitations: If your child will be handing out invitations in school, please make sure that everyone in the class is invited. Invitations may not be handed out to only a few children in school. Unfortunately, teachers are unable to provide student contact information for privacy reasons. Consider joining the PTA Buddy List for access to contact information from participating families. 
    Toys: Electronic devices and trading cards are not permitted in school unless specified by the teacher (such as on a special game day).

    Outdoor recess: All students will go outside for 20 minutes of fresh air and exercise every day when it is warmer than 32 degrees. If your child has a medical need which prohibits him/her from going out please send a doctor's note to the nurse.

    SnackWe have snack every afternoon. Please pack your child’s snack separately from his/her lunch. We ask that you not send glass containers to school. 

    Money: If your child chooses to buy lunch, or bring in money for a special event, please seal the money in an envelope or wallet labeled with your child’s name. Please do not send loose money to school with your child. 

    We encourage independence in first grade and work on building responsible patterns in our students. Please encourage this at home as well by making sure your child is responsible for his/her own schoolwork, backpack, etc. 
    A responsible student is a successful one!

    Thank you for your cooperation!