• In first grade, we encourage 15 minutes of reading every night


    Math homework (Home Links) will be assigned almost every day and will come home in your child's home folder. These practice pages will help reinforce the skills that we are working on in class and they are intended to be relatively quick and easy.


    Fundations (word study) homework will be assigned throughout the week.  A packet will come home in your child's home folder at the beginning of each unit. Instructions for the homework can be found on the "Homework Overview" page in the packet. 


    Periodically, your child will be asked to complete a reading log or writing assignment.  When assigned, instructions for completion will also come home with the assignment.       


    Your child will also have access to Everyday Math Online, which is the online component of our math curriculum.  On this site, your child can print home links, access an interactive student reference book, play games that reinforce skills learned in class, and much more.  Children who are up for a challenge can select more difficult games to play at home! This site is a wonderful resource for both parents and students.  It is also a fantastic tool for teachers because we are able to see the results of the games that your child is playing, and what skills he/she has mastered. 

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