Lots of Easy Reading is Essential

     Readers Need to Read at their Independent Reading Levels

     At Independent Reading Levels, students:


    •         Can use what they know to figure out the few hard words by themselves

    •         Are engaged for long periods of time

    •         Want to do it again

    •         Can tell you what they’ve learned from their reading

    •         Laugh at the funny parts

    •         Read with expression

    •         Are relaxed, comfortable, and having fun

    •         Get into the habit of fluency, understanding, and success

    •         Are learning to love to read!

    We will be reading in school and at home everyday. 
    Please remind your child to record their thinking on the reading log each night. 


    What do you do when you come to a tricky word?
    1. Skip a word and read the rest of the sentence: Use clues within the
    sentence to try and figure out the word (must use a word that makes sense).
    2. Substitute with another word that makes sense.
    3. Use picture clues.
    4. Look at the beginning letters of the unknown word and try to sound it out.
    5. Look for smaller words inside larger words.

    Reading is Thinking!  
    1. VISUALIZE: Make a movie in your head.
    2. QUESTION: Ask yourself who, what, when, where, and why.
    3. CLARIFY: Not sure about a word? Reread the words you just read. Look at the pictures.
    4. PREDICT: Ask yourself "What will happen next?"
    5. CONNECT: Make connections! Text to Self - Connect a book to your life.
    Text to Text - Connect a book to another book. Text to World -
    Connect a book to the world (movies, games, news...).
    6. REACT: "This book makes me feel_________!"
    7. SUMMARIZE: State the most important things about the text.